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Colleen “Kitty” Nara
I'm just a fruit loop in a world full of Cheerios.
I'm just a fruit loop in a world full of Cheerios.

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This site is cancer. I'm about to delete tbh.

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What the fuck this the point of this? You guys keep posting shit like this to hurt someone's feeling or to offend them. Honestly all it does it annoy people BECAUSE IT SO R E P E T I T I V E! It's not a original and it's almost as much of a failure as you.

I might dye my hair half red and half black.

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Fucking bitch
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He said I looked beautiful in my bathing suit and I wanted to cry. I was so scared to go swimming in the bikini he got me because my thighs touch and my stomach is a little pouchy but he didn't care. It's things like that, that make me feel invincible whenever I'm with him.

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Yeah, it does exist.

So swimming was amazing with babe yesterday. I'm so happy he had me go. And later this week we're gonna go to a baseball game. Yay 💖

Why am I still awake?

Nothing is better than when you're laying down together and you have your eyes closed so he thinks your sleeping and he puts his hand on the side of your face. Then you open your eyes and he's smiling so wide at you. It's even better when you have no make up on and you feel a mess. 💖 Date someone that makes you feel cherished.

When you catch him staring at you, like you're the biggest and brightest jem in the world, that's when you know you have to marry him. 💖
My baby and I have been together for six months, and I can honestly say, I've never truly loved someone before him. He's the best man anyone could ever ask for. 💟
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