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Colleen Eakins
Anyone can make a pretty picture, but is it effective?
Anyone can make a pretty picture, but is it effective?

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What's better than your business card? A t-shirt! #networkingtips  via +Colleen Eakins for 

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What Does Your Headshot Say About You? Another Installment on @eZangaInc by Me. #personalbranding #millenials

If you’re using personal branding as a marketing strategy or to find a job, you need a headshot and you should read my guest post over on the eZanga blog.  It’s time again for my monthly installment and this time I’m talking about the visual impact your…

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Check out my guest post on eZanga!
A great post from +Colleen Eakins! If you're using social media at all professionally and for personal branding, you need to pay attention to the little things, like the pictures you're using to represent yourself.

What do they say about you?

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Your Stuff Cannot Stink – Prove Your Ability and Worth

Yep, here we go again. Colleen is on a bit of a rant again today. What has my gears grinding today? Businesses that think they are illusionists and use smoke and mirrors to dazzle you into believing their claims. They use their messaging to tell you how…

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Inspiration…is One Helluva Drug. It can be fun and addicting to look for inspiration, but pointless if you never act upon it.

I’m going to repeat that. Inspiration is one helluva drug and yes, I know that “helluva” is not actually a word (Hell-of-a). As a case and point, let’s look at Pinterest. It is an online bulletin board, where you can pin and collect ideas and inspiration.…

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Directing Traffic:: Orchestrate Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Have you ever sat and watched a police officer direct traffic? Although we may become a bit impatient with them while they do their job, our part in the matter is relatively easy. All we have to do is watch and act in the way they tell us to. They on the…

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Social Media Icons:: Are You Using the Correct One?

Yesterday I received a marketing email from an eyeglass company that proclaimed, “Join the Conversation.”  This was followed by three social media icons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  All three icons were antiquated.  Completely outdated. My response…

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Project Spotlight: Emerald Christian Academy Preschool Flyer

Client: Emerald Christian Academy | Project: Flyer Design + Printing It’s back to school time and after having some success with a previous flyer and postcard I had designed, Emerald Christian Academy contacted me about…

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How to Rebrand Yourself: The Miley Cyrus Way. Another Installment on @eZangaInc by Me. I promise it's not a post about twerking. :)

Where has summer gone?  It’s already August! Back to the topic at hand.  It’s a new month and that means another new post written for the eZanga blog.  I have to admit that I have been having a lot of fun writing for them and the title of this post might…

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Looking for Stock Photography? Try Solid Stock Art

About a year ago, I was digitally approached by Taylor Hinton, CEO of Solid Stock Art, to try out his new stock photography site. Because I love supporting small businesses and start-ups (we have to stick together!), I obliged. Even though they were…
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