#SITREP 12 June 2016 @2016.22!22

Philadelphia Ingress Enlightened (PIE) / South Jersey Enlightened (SJENL) / Berks Enlightened / Lancaster Enlightened / Enlightened of the Lehigh Valley (ELV) / Delaware Ingress Enlightened (DIE)

Approved for Distribution over Insecure Channels


Objective: To cover Philadelphia and the surrounding areas in a layered green field.

Summary: 72 Agents from Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania cooperated to throw a green BAF from Hammonton, NJ to Quakertown, PA to Columbia, PA -- covering Philadelphia and the surrounding areas in 8 layers for 19,567,306 million mind units that lasted 1 checkpoint.  

Background:  In early 2016, the agents of PIE and SJENL proved they could successfully field regionally over the city of Philadelphia during Operation Riverbear by using local anchors. The question quickly became, why not do it again? For the Enlightened of AM01-LIMA-03, having won 35 cycles straight, it seemed clear that they needed to keep that motivation and determination going.  

Planning: Agent coffeychild proposed a field plan to a group of agents on 11 May 2016 and planning started slowly with the Aegis Nova Brooklyn anomaly upcoming. However, with the anchors and spine selected, key farming began and agents were recruited from many areas for all aspects of the operation. With everything carefully prepared, the team had full confidence going forward to the 20:00 (US Eastern Daylight) checkpoint on Sunday, 12 June 2016.

Operation:  The morning began with the fear of needing to run Counter-Ops. Resistance agents were seen severely out of place in several locations - a flash farm at the Strasburg Railroad as well as a group of PAIR Agents at Longwood Gardens. While Agents GlenDronach15, NBTrain,  spectrum19007, and SupraBurton were stationed at Longwood Gardens throughout the day, to the extent that Agent SupraBurton hid out in a treehouse to avoid detection and stay until he absolutely had to leave, nothing ever came of our fears and clearing proceeded as anticipated.

Teams of Agents began clearing and moved quickly. Clearing went so smoothly that Agent Jomil was able to stop and enjoy the beautiful weather by getting ice cream while waiting for possible targets.

With everything in place, Agents OneEyedCat and conan785 were able to quickly inoculate and deploy the spine, doing their best to avoid ticks along the way.

At the very last minute, a small Resistance blocker went up on the southern lane. Anchor Agents merlyn383 and MrUgly were instructed to throw to the spine, insuring our other lanes would remain clear. Agents D00msongSinger and mishegoss, as well as Agent flufferbutter raced to the portal. Agent flufferbutter was able to heroically reach the portal and clear the blocker at 19:54.

Immediately, Agent merlyn383 closed the inner field at 19:55, directly followed by Agent coffeychild closing the outer layer. While throwing proceeded and each layer went up, an error in communication between anchors caused several layers to be closed by different Agents than anticipated. However, all 8 layers were thrown in time to make checkpoint.

Checkpoint 22 of cycle 2016.22 passed at 20:00 without incident and scored in 4 separate cells.

With secure anchors and a portion of spine secure after sunset, Agents stayed at all portals to defend.  Resistance Agents KingConstantine and mathematician arrived at the SW anchor, and while Agents MrUgly and TrinityPrincess battled it out, the Resistance was able to make a clean kill.

It wasn’t until later that Resistance agents made it to our spine. Once there, they were careful not to attack the outermost portals, which were in the closed Nockamixon Park, and instead ADA’d the remaining five portals. The East anchor was not destroyed until later the following afternoon.


8 layers

Smallest layer: 2,440,710 MU

Largest layer: 2,452,564 MU

Total MU captured: 19,567,306 MU

Checkpoints scored: 1

New Onyx Illuminator badges: 2

Agents Involved: 72

Planning: Aneristic, coffeychild, GreatNorthern, interlocking, merlyn383, MicTicin, MrWafflebot, possitronn, TheNeebs, Thistleforce, VAIN

Clearing Teams:  AeolusSlade, AgentFroggy, Axiology, axterra, BoozyBluesy, conan785, cookiepuss77, crikeybooyah, D00MsongSinger, Dboythree60, DigitalShock, dirtyjrrz, Doppeljr, DuchessDukes, Eldarwen, EntangledBadger, Flufferbutter, Gamerreese3, GieslHoff, GlenDronach15, InfinitePhoenix, Injected420, interlocking, Jomil, Keppi59, Lunarvapor, mathguthrie, Matt4tennis, metatelos, mishegoss, moelicious, mojojojo163, monkeyfist70, moononetoo, MrBobLavendar, MrWafflebot, Mytzar, NBTrain, OneEyedCat, parabolik, PhotoRB, possitronn, RosanaArmy, Rule1reboot, Scorpiano, sewjurner, sinamynlee, smurftoaster, spectrum19007, SupraBurton, Th0ughts, timfoolerey,  VAIN, Washlady, wi1dbi11, XenonFlower, ZenAttack

Anchor/Spine Teams: Aneristic, CheeZeeR, coffeychild, conan785, merlyn383, MrUgly, OneEyedCat, Thistleforce, TrinityPrincess

Operators: GreatNorthern, MicTicin, Strandit, thelins, TheNeebs

With Special Thanks: cruisingingrid, encoder, MrFission rycherwhip

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