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Explore the world of postmark collecting with galleries and a detailed how-to guide.
Explore the world of postmark collecting with galleries and a detailed how-to guide.

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Political polling in the 19th century

It's not that political polling did not exist in the U.S. Presidential election 124 years ago.  It was just done a little differently.

Linn's Stamp News published scans of the method used by the Boston Journal newspaper: write to a town's party chairman and ask him to guess for you.  Perhaps they wrote to both the Democratic and Republican chairmen and then averaged the numbers.  After all, accuracy is important.

In this case, the addressee — the Democratic Committee chairman of Norwood, Massachusetts — didn't respond to the paper's poll.

The letter reads as follows:


Boston, October 27, 1892

Dear Sir:

Will you kindly send us by the next mail, on accompanying return postal [i.e., by filling out the enclosed postage-paid reply card], your estimate (in round figures, if you have not figured more closely) of the Republican vote and the Democratic vote in your town at the coming election.  The courtesy will be much appreciated.

Very truly,


P.S. — Please write the name of your town and the party on your reply


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Richard Allen and Frederick Douglass stamps on a first day cover commemorating the work of American abolitionists.

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Magic: The Gathering Zodiac Monkey card from the Portal: Three Kingdoms set prepared as a First Day Cover.

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The "Hudson River School" was the name given to a mid-19th century movement in American landscape art influenced by romanticism and philosophically similar, in many ways, to the contemporary writings of Henry David Thoreau and other New England Transcendentalists.  It emphasized the purity and beauty — even the divinity — of the natural world around us, and sought to express this transcendence with idealized visual depictions.

This series of four cachets to go with with the USPS Hudson River School issue each features a portrait of the artist, two additional canvases, and a quote from him.

More here:

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Gorgeous 5¢ stamps were released by the United States Postal Service today.

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Happy #ValentinesDay  from Collect Postmarks!

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