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What are various Semantic Web components of projects like NIH’s ‘Illuminating the Druggable Genome’ (IDG), ‘Big Data to Knowledge’ (BD2K), and ‘Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures’ (LINCS)? Register for our next webinar to learn about these components and to join the discussion regarding big data!
Human vs. Machine-Enhanced Scientific Discovery. Join Mark Musen (Stanford), Janice Kranz and Stephan Schürer (University of Miami) for CDD's Q3 Town Hall Webinar, “Human vs. Machine-Enhanced Scientific Discovery”. Webinar Semantic Web Stanford Miami. We're seeing 'Big Data' everywhere: ...
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Computer model predicts potential impact of short-course therapy against multidrug-resistant TB
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Monday Minute, Collaboration As Key for Turning Around The Drug Discovery Business. Part 1: The Problem:
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My opinion on this: You gotta love small molecules....there is little they can't do!
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Faster (cheaper) method for making big bioactive ring molecules.
Ring molecules called cyclic depsipeptides play an important role in living organisms. Microbes make them as part of their chemical arsenal for attacking competitors and they have proven effective as antibiotics, anti-retrovirals and pesticides, among other applications.
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Is the Appendix a reservoir for beneficial gut bacteria?
Credit: Brent Adrian, Senior Research Associate, Midwestern University The human appendix, a narrow pouch that projects off the cecum in the digestive system, has a notorious reputation for its tendency to become inflamed (appendicitis), often resulting in surgical removal. Although it is widely viewed as a vestigial organ with little known function, recent research suggests that the appendix may serve an important purpose. In particular, it ma...
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Secret to eternal youth?
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Some great news for the rare disease community!
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Monday Motivation! Collaboration is the key to success, CDD can help!
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We’re delighted to share the slides and transcript from our exciting “Therapeutically Relevant Bioassays” Webinar!
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CDD Vault is a hosted database solution for secure management and sharing of chemical and biological data.
Finally, a modern approach to drug research informatics

Collaborative Drug Discovery's CDD VAULT is a hosted biological and chemical database that securely manages your private and external data. It lets you intuitively organize chemical structures and biological study data, and collaborate with internal or external partners through and easy to use web interface.      

CDD Vault is a system your entire team can actually use!

CDD Vault is more beneficial to you and your work over existing legacy platforms, for new projects, and for secure collaboration. 

Engineered for Ease of Use
CDD Vault allows you to enjoy the benefits of large enterprise systems without the administrative burden or expense.

  • Intuitive web interface can guide users lacking prior experience with informatics tools.
  • Focused on the user – with no software, no hardware, no IT support, no lock-in – one can import or export data any time.
  • CDD Vault requires no IT expertise and no database skills.
Modern Cloud Solution Saves Money
Cloud technology now makes it possible to have a complete solution for drug discovery informatics at a fraction of the legacy cost. CDD Vault is affordable to academic laboratories, research foundations, and small companies.

  • Lower price, smaller staff requirements, and less hardware.
  • Enterprise level support and services are included.
  • Scales to accommodate your growth automatically.
  • Powerful chemical registration and SAR technology are economical for budget conscious labs.
Foster Interaction between Chemists and Biologists
As a multi-domain data management system, CDD Vault provides powerful structure-aware tools for chemists and screening data tools for biologists. Using a shared system makes it easy to collaborate, and progress through the drug-discovery pipeline quicker.

  • Automatic connection between chemical structures registered by chemists and assay results entered by biologists.
  • Mine data across collaborations to avoid redundant work.
  • Discover hits or identify ADMET issues.
  • Improve results by analyzing your data in the context of experiments done by others.
Beats Juggling Spreadsheets of Screening Data

Eliminates the Risk of Data Loss
CDD Vault provides a secure environment to collect all your compound and screening data. Unlike storing and e-mailing flat files, it protects your valuable intellectual property against accidental loss or disclosure.

  • Immediate access to all your data from any web browser.
  • State of the art cloud technology has 99.98% historical availability.
  • Automatic encryption and backup make security effortless.
Get Better Results from Unified Data
CDD Vault consolidates all your compound and screening data in one place.  This makes analysis easier and more consistent, and ultimately yields results more quickly.

  • Single repository for all your small molecule, enzyme, cell, bioactivity, and PK/PD/ADME/Tox data.
  • Automatically links chemical and biological data together to reveal structure-activity relationships.
  • Analyze data in the context of what has already been discovered by others.
Securely Store Experimental Data in a Private Hosted Vault

Relax! Data Migration is a Snap
CDD Vault can provide easier access and better management of your existing data too. Our technical staff has already helped hundreds of customers migrate legacy drug discovery data from their existing software or from “Excel chaos” into CDD Vault.

  • Import from Excel, CSV, SD, MOL, SMILES, IUPAC, etc.
  • New API facilitates bi-directional integration with existing resources.
  • A data Import Wizard and reusable templates streamline migration.
Redefine Collaboration

Safely Share Data with Your Remote Collaborators in Real Time

Control Exactly Which Data You Share with Others
CDD Vault allows you to selectively share data in real time with researchers in your own lab or across the globe. Only your designated collaborators can access the data you elect to share with them.

  • Retain full control of what is shared and what is kept private.
  • Seamless data sharing in real-time avoids file version confusion.
  • Secure access for external collaborators without the hassles of VPN setup.
Relax! Security is Built-In
CDD Vault provides a secure environment that protects valuable intellectual property against accidental loss or disclosure. Audited and trusted by major pharmaceutical companies, CDD Vault is protected with SSAE 16 Type II certified cloud storage on locked and guarded hardware.

  • Data is archived nightly.
  • Built-in controls make it impossible to share data accidentally.
  • Avoids the risks of sending unencrypted data through email.
  • All traffic between your browser and the server is encrypted.

Accomplish more with an intuitive solution designed by scientists. CDD VAULT from Collaborative Drug Discovery
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