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Work Less. Paid Fast. Period.
Work Less. Paid Fast. Period.


Whether you've been preparing your ICD-10 plan for years or just starting the journey (hopefully not), it is easy to become overwhelmed and forget everything you have access to.

With ICD-10 being just 61 days away, we wanted to cover some of the most important ICD-10 related features within CollaborateMD. Check them out below to help ensure your ICD-10 transition is successful.

1. ICD-10 Master List - Build your personal ICD-10 code list from our master diagnosis code list. From the Master List, you'll be able to search by the ICD version you want to display, range, specific code, and / or keyword.

2. ICD Frequency Report - Identify your top codes by running the ICD Frequency Report. Run this report to find which ICD-9 codes your practice uses the most within a given date range. You'll want to target the top 25 - 30 codes to start.

3. ICD Crosswalk - This tool will allow you to translate ICD-9 codes into ICD-10 codes, and vice versa, in just a few clicks. Use the ICD-10 Frequency Report to aid the ICD-10 transition in conjunction with the ICD Crosswalk tool within the Codes & Claim section.

4. Dual Coding - Start dual coding your claims with ICD-9 and ICD-10. Coding real patient records with both code sets provides coders with valuable ICD-10 coding practice, allowing you to apply the principles learned in training to the types of cases you will encounter after October 1, 2015.
Please note that currently no payers are accepting ICD-10 codes. As payers begin to accept ICD-10 codes you will be alerted via the Claim and Payer section of the application.

You have enough challenges facing you -- your practice management and medical billing software shouldn't be one of them!

Make sure you visit our ICD-10 Training Help Page for free resources to help you zero in on essential tasks like our ICD-10 Success Checklist.
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You're in luck. We received such great feedback during last weeks webinars, we decided to host one more live session of the Reports Builder - From New Webinar this Friday, July 24th at 2:00 PM (EDT)!

During this hour long webinar you will learn the basics of the Report Builder feature and :

- How to create fully individualized reports for your office, 

- How to apply segmentation using columns, filters, and groups, 

- How to enrich your reports with charts and co-displays, 

- Tips & tricks when it comes to building fully customized reports, and 

- Frequently Asked Questions.

Don't forget: You can always take advantage of our Report Builder Help pages or Report Builder Videos on our Training Help pages to gain a better understanding of CollaborateMD's Central Business Intelligence tool.
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Practices using integrated payment processing are discovering the benefits of improved operating capabilities and creating real value for their office.  Register now for one of our webinars this month to quickly learn how to accelerate and simplify patient receivables with our Integrated Payment Processing feature, including a preview of our NEW Payment Portal.

 In this 60-minutes webinar, you'll learn:

•Easy setup of your Payment Portal

•Tips for receiving patient payments in seconds

•See real-time payment posting directly into CollaborateMD

•How to qualify for this June Special below, powered by TransFirst®.
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#PatientPayments  as #easy  as 1-2- #FREE  !

Our #PaymentPortal  just released! Read more on our blog about how you can start accelerating and simplifying your patient #receivables  with our Integrated Payment Processing feature and new #PaymentPortal  powered by +TransFirst !

#workfast   #worksmart   #billingapproved   #doctortested   #patientpayments   #patients   #medicalpracticesoftware   #practicemanagement   #billingsolutions  
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We understand that the financial landscape for medical practices is ever changing, and with those changes are ever growing patient financial responsibilities. In the last year, we surveyed hundreds of our own users and determined that medical practices encounter considerable challenges with:

• Higher Patient Deductibles
• Difficulty Collecting Patient Payments
• Lower Insurance Payments
• Increasing Patient Write-Offs

In response to these leading issues, we’re excited to announce the availability of two new ways to increase your patient receivables: Integrated Payment Processing and our brand NEW patient Payment Portal. Offices can now:

• Accept credit card payments and post automatically upon “swipe”
• Allow patients to pay securely via browsers and mobile devices
• Give patients insight into their activity history, statements and payments, with a single click
• Sync patient balances and patient payments in real-time
• Reduce double entry and data entry mistakes

The patient Payment Portal offers your patients more control, with an easy and accessible means to pay and view their medical bills anywhere, anytime. By designing and configuring the patient Payment Portal in-house, you will be able to see patient payments post directly into your CollaborateMD practice account, in real-time.

For more information on Integrated Payment Processing, including screenshots, please visit our website.
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We're hosting two Live Webinars this week for YOU!

If you're not yet aware of *all the major features in Version 9.2 (v9.2), *such as enhanced activity, ICD-10 Crosswalk & Dual Coding, automatic claim follow-up dates, test reminds, and much more ...

Click here to reserve your spot in the v9.2 Overview Webinar to receive a high level overview:

If you need a refresher on v9.2's redesigned Payment section and how to post patient payments, post and view insurance payments, manage credits, review Electronic Remittance Advice*, or how to delete, refund, transfer or adjust patient transactions ...

Click here to reserve your spot in the v9.2 Payment Redesign Webinar:

*Due to PHI, only a high level overview will be provided.
#medicalbillingsoftware   #medicalpractice   #practicemanagementsoftware   #healthcare  
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CollaborateMD (CMD), a leading provider of easy and affordable Online Medical Billing Software and Practice Management Software, announced successful ICD-10 End to End testing with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

After years of speculation and delays, the federal government's deadline for the healthcare sector to transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will finally arrive on October 1, 2015.  ICD-10 is the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision and contains 68,000 diagnosis codes.  ICD-9, the current set, only contains 13,000 diagnosis codes.  The purpose of ICD-10 is to categorically identify treatment and allow for more detailed reporting and analysis. For instance, ICD-10 provides codes to distinguish between a left or right leg; ICD-9 does not.

The conversion to ICD-10 this fall could be the largest interruption in cash flow for the medical community ever.  The uncertainty of success for all parties involved, from the medical provider, to the software vendor, to the insurance payer, has the looming October 1, 2015 on everyone's mind in healthcare. 

"We were honored to be selected to participate in the CMS ICD-10 End to End Testing," stated Douglas Kegler, CEO and Founder of CollaborateMD. "In such an era of disruptive healthcare regularity changes, like ICD-10, testing needs to be thorough and extensive. We've learned this first hand based on past experiences with ANSI-5010."

CMD coordinated with several of their medical practices to prepare medical claims coded in ICD-9 and ICD-10 for End to End testing.  The CMS testing period ran from January 5, 2015 to January 29, 2015.  During this period, claims went through the complete CMS adjudication process. ANSI-5010 claim files with the ICD-10 test claims were generated from the CMD medical practice management software, which were electronically sent to CMS, via the RelayHealth clearinghouse.  CMD successfully received the 277 claim status acknowledgment and the 835 electronic remittance advice.
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New ConnectCenter from RelayHealth Redefines Online Claims Management

Groundbreaking portal helps channel partners build their businesses with faster enrollment and higher payment velocity for practices

RelayHealth® Financial today introduced ConnectCenter™, a comprehensive #claimsmanagement   portal that helps make it easier for channel partners ( #practicemanagement  vendors,   #medicalbillingcompanies   and revenue cycle management firms) to reduce costs, increase service levels for the practices they serve, and boost client satisfaction. ConnectCenter’s claims management and workflow features tap the power of RelayHealth Financial’s best-of-breed platform to drive faster payment and overall revenue cycle improvement.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience”

“We are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience,” said Douglas Kegler, founder and CEO of CollaborateMD, a provider of online medical billing and practice management solutions. “With the introduction of ConnectCenter, RelayHealth jumps to the head of the class with the most powerful tool we’ve seen for online claims management. It’s an intuitive solution that helps us monitor each of our customers, and determine what kind of assistance they may need.”

ConnectCenter drives business results for channel partners and their customers by empowering them to:

Connect with payers faster – ConnectCenter provides a quick and easy way for channel partners to enhance their offering with streamlined enrollment. Patented payer enrollment technology helps eliminate time-consuming redundant data entry, and offers the option for providers to handle their own enrollment.

Connect with simpler & smarter claims management – Reduced denials help users accelerate payment velocity. Claim errors are clearly highlighted on forms, where they can be readily corrected and resubmitted. Powerful search functions help users locate claims, claim files, remittances and payers – and quickly detail history to support follow-up efforts. Optional analytics power intelligent financial decision making.

Connect the dots to flag potential claim issues – Payment velocity is boosted with early intelligence into claims adjudication status. This is made possible with data from RelayHealth Financial’s platform, which manages over 2.3 billion financial transactions and links 2,400 hospitals and health systems and 630,000 providers. Current information on payers and other issues (i.e. regulatory updates) that could delay processing are pushed directly to the dashboard.

Connect with claim status at a glance – ConnectCenter’s Claim Health Vitals dashboard provides real-time access to the overall status of all claim and remittance transactions applicable to a practice. Intelligent worklists push claims in need of attention to the forefront – enabling staff to focus on the most productive (and profitable) work.

#healthcare   #medicalbilling   #practicemanagement   #medicalsoftware  
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