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Colin Yearwood
I know little about a lot, and a lot about Marketing & Sales!
I know little about a lot, and a lot about Marketing & Sales!


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Fear is on of the biggest things that hold many potential business owners back.

The faster you get over it, the better for you. Identifying the reasons for your fears is key to over coming fear. Be honest with yourself, and push thought it.

Getting a mentor or accountability partner can help greatly.
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Join me for this months Online Marketing Answer and Questions

Do you may have a list of online marketing questions you need answered? 

You prefer straightforward answers with information  you can implement immediately? 

You can access the session two ways. Choose the on that works best for you.

1: Conference  Call - Dial-in number: (530) 881-1300 Access code: 1858602:

2: Online - Spreecast Access link:

Feel free to email me.
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How to leverage to grow your business

Leverage: use (something) to maximum advantage.

I've ran a Meetup group since April 2013, and its has allowed me to test news strategies, get feedback from potential customs on what product and services they needed, and grow my business.

Here are a few tips I recently shared with a friend on how to get the most out of her Meetup group.

First off, do not  use your Meetup group as a platform to do your sales presentations. 

My Meetup events are 45 minutes workshops or Webinars that teach how to use specific strategies to grow your business online.

When you share your knowledge and information people will want to buy from you.

Here are some ways to grow your business using Meetups:

Demonstrate your expertise  Its a great platform to show that you are an expert in your field, especially if you’re new in that industry. 

Grow your business network  Try to connect personally with everyone who sign up for your group. Use the profile question to identify what you have in common and reach out to them via email or even meet them for coffee.

Share the stage Get other members to host group events. This is a great way to expand your reach and build new build business relationships. And it gives you the opportunity to offer more events. If you’re an Insurance Broker, have a Realtor do a presentation. 

Get Sponsors  Sponsors can help you  cover the fee involved with running a Meetup group, get you a place to host your events and offer discounts to your members. 

If you don’t want to get sponsors, setup your business as the sponsor.

I would love to hear your ideas on how you would use Meetups to grow your business. 
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3 Simple social media ideas
View the lesson for tips for making social media maintenance a breeze from #GYBO  and +Melinda Emerson :

#Friday15  is brought to you by Google's Get Your Business Online program. Get a free website and resources for your business by checking out .
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Google is getting into the domain registration business, Watch out  GoDaddy, NameCheap and the rest

#domainregistration  #GetYourBusinessOnline #BuildABusinessWebsite
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Create Your Business Website With WordPress

Getting your business online is easier than you think. 

By the completion of this online webinar you will learn exactly  how to setup your business website using WordPress.  

Who Should Attend 

Business Owners,  and Entrepreneurs who understand that having an online presence will help them reach more customers, build stronger relationships with your current and new customers and differentiate your business from the competition. 

This webinar is designed to give you step by step instructions and all the resources you need to Create Your Business  Website With WordPress

Section 1: Getting Started 

• Benefits of using WordPress

• How to choose and register the best domain name for business

• How to find the right hosting company for your website 
• How to Install WordPress using a one-click hosting install

• Understanding The WordPress dashboard

Section 2: How To Publishing Content With WordPress 

•  Learn The differences between posts and pages

• How to Create And Personalize Post and Pages

• How to Insert Pictures

• How to Embed Videos  
• How to Create Links

This online event will be hosted at: 
Get an email reminder:

About The Presenter: 
Colin Yearwood is the founder of Learn It Do It Profit, and online marketing  and consulting company that offers simple online marketing strategies and solutions that have been proven to work.

Colin is an online marketing veteran who has built and managed several successful online businesses.
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In this presentation I will discuss several thing you can do to have your website visitors take the next step and make a purchase.
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#MotivationalQuote  Love #InspirationalQuotes that are from #ZigZiglar because they are so on point. Here's another great one... "It's not going to be easy, it's going to be worth it!" Remember this as you face life's trials and obstacles. Here's to your success!
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