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Is Pinterest really a Facebook competitor?

It is now.

At first glance this article on Forbes seems a bit fanciful and overstating Pinterest's status but when you consider it is now the third largest "social network" and Facebook has acquired Instagram to better facilitate "building the best experience for sharing photos" it's obvious to see that Facebook is at least a little concerned about this upstart.

Pinterest is not a true social competitor along the lines of G+ as it has a significantly smaller remit but, for those Facebook users who predominantly share photos, there is an obvious temptation to try the next big thing especially considering the buzz that Pinterest has been generating lately.

I disagree that Facebook would be best served by creating a new service with Instagram boards as it makes more sense to hook into Interest Lists - this will also give some people a reason to use lists where they might not have done before.

I think you have to read between the lines of what David is saying but the basis of the article makes sense.
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But it's clearly not the third biggest. Pinterest has 20 million users. Google+ has 100 million. I can't see how Forbes came to the conclusion that 20 is a bigger number than 100
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