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Colin Toal
Writes: Code. Rides: Bikes. Drinks: Beer. Brings: Ruckus.
Writes: Code. Rides: Bikes. Drinks: Beer. Brings: Ruckus.

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Yes. This helped. :)

Dear Google Plus - I love the new Poll feature. Great job.

I really do love +Polymer - but I am very disappointed in how binding (<template repeat={{}}>) interacts with insertion points (<content></content>) -- I mean, I get it, I totally do - but I would LOVE a polymerized <content> tag that respects binding.

Has the app store price point destroyed profits for game companies ?

Where is the 'Cards in favour of humanity' game ?

Dear car2go and zipcar - > $80 a day plus an annual fee ?

You are out of your goddamned minds. 

As more people cut the cord and use online services for their TV entertainment, politicians will have no way to reach voters with TV attack ads.

I think this a good thing, although public comments on news editorials on the web are clearly being astroturfed by party flacks. Way less effective than attack ads though.

On the ferry from Wellington to Picton. They provide WIFI access.

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En route to New Zealand with my wife. :)

Eating sushi/sashimi fish is something special.

You are essentially eating an endangered species.

Think about that the next time you buy some spicy tuna rolls from the deli or the supermarket - or load up the starkist chicken of the sea with mayo and celery.

This sanctimonious rant brought to you by the society for the elimination of shitty deli and supermarket sushi.
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