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I have been in love Henke's Lumière since I saw it.  He discusses this and other philosophy here.  Sporting a CCRMA shirt.

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An incredible account of time perception during musical experiences.

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Our former PhD student Shane Legg is co-founder of deepmind (with Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman), just acquired by Google for ~$500m [1]. In my research group at the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA, Shane was a student of my senior researcher Marcus Hutter, a pioneer of the theory of Universal Artificial Intelligence [2], who is now professor in Canberra.

Deepmind also employs my former PhD students Dr. Daan Wierstra, Dr. Tom Schaul, Dr. Alex Graves. They were funded by SNF grants (Alex later also by my postdoc grants at TU Munich), and have been working on deep recurrent artificial neural networks  (RNN) [3].  Alex focused on supervised learning with LSTM RNN [3,6,7], Daan and Tom on evolving RNN [4] and Reinforcement Learning RNN [5]. Search for their papers in the reference links [3-8]; compare published work of deepmind [9].  


Deeplearn it!


I recently learned that I can do `sudo -s` instead of `sudo su -` and increase happiness.

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Pretty awesome perspective.

"When something bugs me that I can't put my finger on, there's usually a contradiction that I'm not seeing. After a few talks, articles and conversations, it seems pretty obvious: it puts JavaScript on a pedestal, even as it makes it irrelevant.

It makes JavaScript irrelevant because with LLVM's infrastructure or similar tools, practically anything can or will be compiled into JS.

But it also makes JavaScript more important, focusing the future optimization efforts of browser makers onto it, despite its ill-suited semantics.

It means JavaScript has nothing to do with it, it's just the poison we ended up with, the bitter pill we supposedly have to swallow. So when Brendan Eich says with a smile "Always bet on JavaScript", what he really means is "Always bet on legacy code" or perhaps "Always bet on politics". When you think about it, it's weird to tell JavaScript developers about Asm.js. It's not actually aimed at them."

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"But the bottom line was clear enough: global capitalism has made the depletion of resources so rapid, convenient and barrier-free that 'earth-human systems' are becoming dangerously unstable in response."

"Serious scientific gatherings don’t usually feature calls for mass political resistance, much less direct action and sabotage. But then again, Werner wasn’t exactly calling for those things. He was merely observing that mass uprisings of people – along the lines of the abolition movement, the civil rights movement or Occupy Wall Street – represent the likeliest source of 'friction' to slow down an economic machine that is careening out of control."

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I'm glad I read this, especially the historical perspective. The author has some pretty strong opinions about "mainstreaming of electronic music in the US".
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