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My old monitor was starting to show it's age, so it was time for a new one and I went for an Asus one again, this time the VX279Q, which is a nice 27" IPS monitor.

I looked at some of the higher refresh or resolution monitors on the market, but decided that for me they weren't worth the price premium or the second gfx card that they would need to do them justice.

First impressions are very positive, the screen itself looks great and is further improved by the thin bezel surrounding it. However, the bezel clearly wasn't the only area where they managed to save as the overall weight is roughly 20% less than my old monitor and that one only a 24" model.

The range of connectivity options are pretty decent on this monitor, even including things like displayport and MHL, with the only notable exception being the absence of DVI.

As far as negatives, the only minor ones are the lack of height adjustment may not suit some people and the buttons for power, menu etc. are a touch-sensitive part of the bezel rather than being actual buttons. 

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Will be interesting to see how well this one does at the cinema, slightly tougher sell than some of the more recent ones, but will probably still show up DC's efforts at anything without Batman headlining.

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Nicely done trailer, builds the interest without revealing most of the thing it is meant to be trailing.
“Our future depends on one single moment, of one impossible day.
The day I have been running from all my life.
The Day of the Doctor.”

Watch the very special 50 year trailer! 

#SaveTheDay #DoctorWho

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Odd coincidence in the timing, just after the Super Bowl has a blackout it also has a BlackBerry commercial.

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Fox News is just a gift that keeps on giving, Bill O'Reilly and his guest apparently don't realise that just because they don't understand Korean that doesn't imply that lyrics in Korean are meaningless.

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As Gangnam style becomes the most watched video on youtube with over 805m views it further demonstrates the idiocy that afflicts far too many of the videos if you happen to trying to access youtube from a german ip as the GEMA, their version of the RIAA seem determined to block anything with the vaguest hint of music.

Instead of your stupid video of choice you get a screen with the following message and to make it more annoying you don't find out till you click play either.

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The latest Daily Mail pleasing policy from the Tories is that vital one of allowing more force on the part of somebody confronting a burglar, which probably sounds to them like a much needed change.

There is just some minor points about this that makes it a complete red herring of a policy, reasonable force is already allowed and prosecutions average out at less than one a year over the last 15 years and that includes the likes of Tony Martin who killed a burglar, which would still be against the new law.

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The real truth has come out, now it is time for some justice to follow it.

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Latest addition to the official Borderlands 2 site, skill calculators for all the classes.

There is no way the #London2012  opening ceremony should have worked with the stuff in it, but it has been awesome even when it was being a bit silly.
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