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Lazy steampunk mad scientist with a half built laboratory, full of quarter-baked contraputrons.
Lazy steampunk mad scientist with a half built laboratory, full of quarter-baked contraputrons.

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I haven't played any games in The Witcher series. I hear constant good things about them, but just never happened to hit a sale just right, or had the cash at hand when I remembered I wanted to try out the series.

But, hearing that Ars Technica and is giving away The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for free? I think I got enough cash for that :D

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The revised Risus Companion will include a full trilogy of Big Lists, including (instead of just referring to) the Big List of RPG Plots, still including the Big List of Dirty Little Thrills, and adding (sandwiched between them) the new Big List of Stuff to Do, forming a kind of trilogy of Big-Listiness.

Big List of RPG Plots: For broad-strokes adventuring options.
Big List of Stuff to Do: Zooming in to the pieces that make a whole adventure.
Big List of Dirty Little Thrills: Specific notes of player satisfaction which inform the rhythm and purpose of both the broad and fine strokes.

Lest anyone worry: the Big List of RPG Plots will always remain a free standalone article, but with the new Stuff to Do list as a sandwich filling, it's become sensible to include both of those golden buns.

I mention this because today has been devoted to the Big List of Stuff To Do, which I keep revisiting in waves as it coalesces into a useful thing, and today has been the most productive "wave" by far. It's now really living up to the potential established by its siblings: belaboring the obvious, but belaboring a lot of it in a compact, useful space. #RisusRPG

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I've got an exercise recommendation, and it's for a particular kind of person. You'll know if you're the kind - you get told about how you should start off with a good half-hour's or mile-long walk, and you think that you might as well try walking to the moon, for instance. You see recommendations for 10,000 steps a day, and find 200 a struggle. Like that.

Sit And Be Fit is a program aimed for people who need to take their exercise seated. Everything can be done in your chair. Some particular exercises can also be done standing up, using your chair as support, but wherever that's part of a routine, they should an alternate form of it for people staying seated. If you can sit up and follow along with videos on-screen, then this can work with you.

(That's not an insignificant "if" - I know myself what it's like not to be able to do one or the other half of that. If you don't meet this program's requirements, well, then you don't, and I hope there's something else that does fit with what you can do.)

Individual programs are generally a bit under half an hour long, with warmup and cooldown routines included, and a mix of activities to work different parts of your body. The core audience is seniors who are no longer as strong or agile as they once were, but as host Mary Ann Wilson emphasizes every so often, it's not age-dependent. This would have been good for me at any point of significant impairment from when I was 15 on till now.

A bunch of clips and some complete programs are on Youtube; just search for "Sit And Be Fit". I'm signed up for their steaming service, at $8, since it has a whole lot more programs available, including some specialized ones. Most of what Wilson does aims at general fitness and is suitable for most people who have more or less human bodies, but she's also done some that address particular kinds of needs.

The neuro rehab one, for instance, includes specific exercises for eye tracking, proprioception, balance, and posture, along with other needs. The diabetes one has a general emphasis on circulation and particular attention to foot needs. Wilson's put together program for those two, balance and fall prevention, safe driving, Parkinson's needs, osteoporosis care, fibromyalgia needs, arthritis needs, DVT prevention, and several more. Really, really handy stuff.

It's not just a pleasure to have exercises that I can actually do, though it is that. It's important. If you're any of the sorts of people who need this, you almost certainly don't need me to tell you about that. I'm sure a bunch of you have built up the same kind of frustration I have over the years, knowing exercise's importance but genuinely not being able to keep up with any of the recommendations you've been getting. This is the part where I get to say that, at last, there's an offered answer that actually is within my reach, that I can keep up with, and that's definitely helping.

(In the Credit Where It's Due department, Frances has been telling me about Sit And Be Fit for some time. I just finally managed to carve out the attention and energy to give it a try.) 

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Comissionable nifty artist
a gallery of some of my many (many) pieces of figure design art

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Interested in accessibility? Come along to this FREE (FREE!!!!!) event at Old Parliament House on Wednesday 18 May 2016.

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Not only good for ThatLastCliche for Risus, good for game Aspects for FATE.
While sitting through the trailers at the theater this weekend, I noticed that one movie had a PG-13 rating for including "brief teen partying." Another threatened both "crude humor" and "thematic elements." Someone needs to collect MPAA jargon into a d100 table to be used as a vague-but-evocative GMing aid. Heck, I might just add that to the Risus Companion.

Tonight's Adventure Will Include (d100)
01 - Crude Humor
02 - Futuristic Violence
03 - Brief Teen Partying
04 - Thematic Elements
05 - Brief Language
06 - Comic Nudity [... etc. All these are actual examples ...]

[EDIT: after a bit of Googling I found some articles on the topic, most of them hitting some of the same favorites, so now my growing random list includes some more gems and oddities]:

Strong sexual content including dialogue
Strong language
Brief language
Violent images
Racy innuendoes
Non-stop action violence
Brooding, dark violence
Intense depiction of very bad weather
Intense depiction of urban disaster and related injuries
Brief teen partying
Crude humor
Thematic elements
Sci-fi action and brief historical smoking
Momentary sensuality
Kids’ rude language and pranks
Rear nudity
Comic nudity
Slime and gore
A mild birds and bees discussion
Mild peril
Some menace
Ribald humor
Off-color humor
Macabre humor
Jungle adventure terror
Satanic war violence
Unsuitable teen behavior
An opening accident scene
A beating
Reckless behavior
Kids in jeopardy
Mock terror
A brief crude reference
A crude comment
Quirky situations
A humorous drug related scene
Irreverent humor throughout
Momentary sensuality
A poignant death
A mother's sociopathic behavior
Intense fantasy action
Intense sequences of bat attacks
Graphic heroin use and resulting depravity
Mature theme
A smoking caterpillar
A wide range of perversions in explicit detail
A murder and other action sequences in an adventure setting
Grisly afterviews of horrific and bizarre killings
A bawdy puppet show

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