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Adding funny text to photos

Adding a few words can turn a silly photo into a ROFL, or draw attention to what you find most interesting. Today we're rolling out a feature that makes it easier to add big, bold text on top of your photos.

To try it out, drop a photo into the sharebox on Google+, then click the "Add text" button underneath the photo. Type in something funny, then share and enjoy.

This feature will be rolling out over the next few days -- I hope you enjoy it! :) We'll be keeping our eyes on the stream for the funniest examples, so have fun! #funwithphotos #googleplusupdate

We made a few to get you started:
Chris Danis's profile photoMarkus Birth (mbirth)'s profile photoAllan Coop's profile photoJustin Goudreau's profile photo
You really don't want me to get any work done, do you?

Congrats on the launch!
Now if only we had some sort of default library of images to pick from, taken from some of the most popular pictures to place text on...
Oh god no. I thought this idea had already been run into the ground. The last thing I need is more people who think they're funny sharing their uninspired "creations."
Also, perhaps a place for all the most beloved memes so that your old friend zoidberg can vote on them yes?
Dude, I'm not really sure I like this one.
I might be an idiot, but I do not see any "share box" - am I completely lost?
Cheezburger, Inc be afraid.. be very afraid!
Great feature, thanks! It doesn't have to be a funny text, either... :-)
Cool. Now we only need a voting system and some cool templates ^^
The sharebox is the thing you type a new post into. So in more words:

1) Create a new post
2) Click the camera icon
3) "Add photos"
4) Upload a single photo
5) Click "Add text".

Note that the feature is still rolling out, so you might not see the "Add text" link until the feature has rolled out fully.
Hi +Colin McMillen , Is this feature available outside of US? I can't see "add text" option.
I can't see this option from India
For now, on #funwithphotos you can see this photo 100 times. Not that fun.
I'm probably just an idiot, but how did you add that black outline to the text? I don't really see an option for it in the editor.
Hmm. And here we all thought the end would come via the zombie apocalypse...
I will uncircle anyone who uses this more than once. Google+ jumps the shark.
Totally unnecessary to launch #9gag+ when there are so many other features missing from G+
Peachy. Now just give us a way to block content like that.
Rolling out means US/England first? Because I see US/Brits using it already - but I don't seem to have access.
OK I can add text to photos now, but it's still not funny. Where's the checkbox I need to check to make what I type in funny?
+Colin McMillen Nice. We also need ability to add images and videos to comments. Also a true rich text editor so we can arrange things in a post like we can on a blog post.
Don't have it here yet, but presumably this will also allow belated copyright info if you forgot to add it? +Colin McMillen
+Colin McMillen, currently when I add a photo (say from the instant upload album) to a post, I do not get any options at all with the photo. Does this new update add the "Edit"and "Tag" links under the pic so I can perform those actions before I share?
And it detects when the text isn't funny? Or is it not allowed to add non-funny text?

Or maybe this post's title should have been "Adding text to photos"?

where exactly is the sharebox? I'm looking at one of my albums now, and I can do editing via the creative kit, but I don't seem to be able to do the quick drag and drop. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious...
I think that +Colin McMillen is referring to the Share box either top right next to your name (on the black bar area) or in the main Streams page, where you put text, links, images etc. to share. Not within the albums or images section per se.
How come I don't get the "add text" button beneath the photo? Is it on limited release/beta?
Can someone tell me how to add a pic to my avatar on my gmail account, I kind of new to this and I can't figure that part out, but would like a pic to be on my avatar when I send messages. If its possible help me out with the info, I'm at
Providing Text over a photo is 100% better than the dang .gif animated files people are posting..Hope those things are moved to a Tab soon.
Dang. Looks like I'm not on the early roll-out list. G+ short bus, right here.
Lovin it Colin, XLNT 2012 2 U and Urs. "_) LL aka5050 lvnv
Wow, genius! I am sure no one else has ever thought of that before....... oh wait.... they have.
But have they actually implemented it..... oh wait... they have done that too.
Requesting to bring back advice train
+Colin McMillen Hey! I'm not one to complain or anything, but can one of you guys tell me why the "profile pic flip" effect was removed from G+?
If the comment needs to be funny, who judges?
So out of all the things that Google+ needs added, you guys work on this?

Good job...
To those who have been patiently waiting: the new "Add text" feature should be launched to everyone now!

To try it out yourself:
1) Click the "Add photos" button
2) Upload a single photo
3) Click "Add text"
4) Save, share and enjoy!
I would like if Google translate would work on the added text.
+Gareth Evans The text becomes part of the picture and thus is no longer text but a picture of text.
There needs to be a way to control font size. I tried it and four words covered the entire picture.
It was that or the Transdigital Freon Converter...
The cats and dogs will run rampant! :)
google is still winning the internet. i wish there was an ISP with google's business model
Instameme. That is my new superhero name!
And the value of Fark just went to ZERO.
I fear you have created a monster....
I have the button but it says it was unable to add the text.
sorry, we couldn't save your photo. please try again later. :(
Could you please implement these features:
1. Rich Text editor.
2. Tags.
3. Read all comments by any commenter.
4. Basically give us the features of a blog if we choose to use Google+ as such.
Which means: make Google+ more than a Facebook clone. The + should mean “All of the features of Facebook PLUS those that the users want”.
Thank You.
Ha! so much fun. Made a few already :)
Oh, fer crumb's sake. Google gives us this dumb frill to facilitate yet more LOLcats nobody needs, but they take away the Incoming stream because…um…because…um…look, just because, okeh?!! Fail.
find pictures before wikipedia goes down for the day!
Define: Meme (this one is for the old folks...)
THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO █████████ ██ █████████ █████ █████████ █████ !!!! Don't let them do this!!!
+David Zuckman Sorry about that. Funny is something you're born with. It's not something that someone can add as a feature to a you use. I'm afraid you're out of luck in the funny-department.
this feature is amazing....g+ is really innovative....+1 over fb!!!!!!
Innovative? This is blatantly ripped of
It's still a great feature though.
Am I correct that you can only add text to a new upload? I can't quickly add text to a preexisting photo from my albums without using creative kit?
Sharebox -> Drag and drop (OR Camera icon -> Add Photos-> upload a photo) = Add text, tag, etc.
Sharebox -> Camera Icon -> From my Phone (BTW, why still no option to choose from my albums?) -> Select Photo = No Options
Makes it easier for many of us to do what we are already doing manually...
I've pretty much stopped using Google+ to post things because I can't reliably link to things I post. Pretty sad really. I was so excited about Google+ when it was new and full of potential.
Why is it only available for photos that you drop in or add and not photos added from your phone?
No, seriously. Why is it only available for photos you upload, and not photos added from your phone?
Hey Colin. Write some text, add a photo, no problem . . .
But then try writing more text not on/in the the photo but following/under it. 
What a joke . . .
what's the deal with memes do I need to own the photo to just post it as a joke?  Is there any big legal risk involved?
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