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Colin Jones (Ponder - FUHA)
You just lost The Game!
You just lost The Game!

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True story.

Good work Google.
Take away the Location Sharing in G+ before enabling in in Maps.
For such a bit company you can be a bunch of thoughtless cockwombles at times 😠

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It's not the religion, Christianity has just as much intolerance, it's a very small, but very influential number of people using the Islamic religion as an excuse for murder.

I was raised a protestant Christian, but through experience and personal research I've become agnostic, but I can't blame this recent violence on religion, of any faith, this is just murderous bastards looking for an excuse.

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New Gorillaz 360 video. Watch with tablet/phone, preferably Cardboard.

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I still think this is one of the craziest videos ever :)

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Interesting concept for a game...

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Goodbye cruel world!

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Salad for salad haters. #NSFW ;)

New meaning of R.I.P.
Rot In Pieces.

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Great if you like goo 😉
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