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Colin Faulkingham

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Apparently ethernet via usb dongle drops randomly on Raspberry PI's. I didn't realize it's a pretty widely know issue. I wish I would have know that before I started this cluster project. I am currently investigating possible fixes.

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+Colin Faulkingham according to
the driver issue has been fixed in June this year. so there is hope ;)
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Colin Faulkingham

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My cluster hardware is now up and running. I had a few hiccups on the way. The main one being the MAC address on these dongles end up all being the same. I added the following to /etc/network/interfaces for each of the PI zeros.

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
hwaddress ether [unique mac address]

Now that's it's running I can move on to the next step which is playing around with software.
Raspberry PI Zero Cluster to hold power supply, 5 port switch, 5v 80mm x 80mm fan and 4 Raspberry PI Zero's. Power Supply, USB / Ethernet Dongles, 5V 80mm X 80mm fan,
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Cool ! Awesome project, and a finished on to boot ! well done :-) 
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Colin Faulkingham

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+matthew bennett

I found an Armbian image with no HDMI support that works. I Installed docker and ran a basic hello world.

root@orangepipc:/# sudo docker run armv7/armhf-ubuntu_core /bin/echo 'Hello world'
Unable to find image 'armv7/armhf-ubuntu_core:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from armv7/armhf-ubuntu_core
f2439d121577: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:6029b872d4cdfd9d92ad36bd4865b54aa79915b538f0072c3f66563ee5829598
Status: Downloaded newer image for armv7/armhf-ubuntu_core:latest
Hello world

Linux orangepipc 4.7.2-sun8


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This build does work fine for Docker(!). Thanks +Colin Faulkingham for digging this up.
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Colin Faulkingham

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The new power supply is here for the PI Zero cluster. It's a lot bigger then the description said it was. So, I am working on printing a new side piece that has the right length and holes positions.

I might end up reprinting the ethernet side so they are both the same length. Meanwhile I am working on the wiring.

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Check this out

You can run networking and power over the OTG port with Gadget on Linux.
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Colin Faulkingham

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+Gordon McLellan They probably can. I would also suspect you're going to have seed it to start out.
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Colin Faulkingham

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LOL, I should have gone on a bike ride today. But instead I spent the day messing around with the PI Zero, catching up on Mr. Robot, 3D printing and I just finished watching the Martian again. 
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Its important to exercise both mind and body :D
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Colin Faulkingham

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SpaceX ITS.
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Colin Faulkingham

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These guys are running a free 3D printer contest every 90 days.
You always wanted a 3D Printer but they Cost Way To Much? Then enter this Giveaway to be in the run for a 3D Printer every third month!
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Colin Faulkingham

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I was doing some community service with my daughter at her school today and I managed to wreck my back. Getting old sucks...
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no good dead goes unpunished... get well
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Colin Faulkingham

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I decided to work on some desk projects today. I mounted the second monitor and added an Ikea drawer unit to give myself some more desk space.

I have also been testing my microscope camera attachment to see if I can use the PI camera to snap photos. It's not great because the focal length of the camera is pretty long. However, I did read somewhere were I might be able to physically change it. For now I am just cropping using the
-roi 0.5,0.5,0.25,0.25 flag. I need some better samples before I can show the results.

I also received a few ESP-12-F modules today. Which , will allow me to add WIFI to the PI Zero via GPIO. which should allow me to have internet access when the PI Zero in gadget mode.

I was hoping to work on my PI Zero cluster today but power supply still hasn't arrived.

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Colin Faulkingham

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Colin Faulkingham

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These came in the mail yesterday. I had already purchased all the parts for the PI Zero cluster before I found these $15 Orange PI PC quad core 1gb machines. This is going to make a 28 core 7GB cluster vs the PI Zero cluster at 4 core 2GB.

I do intend to finish my PI Zero cluster before I start building this one. :-)

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Apparently the Armbian folks are still working on the 4.6.x kernel image. I have read some post where 4.6.x is working but you have to build it yourself.

I haven't started working on my Orange PI cluster yet. But if I do a mainline build I will share the image.

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