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I’m actually thinking about getting an entry-level premium vehicle eventually, so I was pretty excited to get some time in the 2013 Acura ILX (w/ 2.0-liter and automatic transmission). The vehicle is a huge step up from the Honda Civic platform it was engineered off of: It feels peppy at launch (0-30 mph), which is probably attributable to different programming in the ECU, taller gearing in the automatic , and the extra 20 lb.-ft. of torque as compared to the Civic. Though, I figured that the extra 300 pounds that the ILX carries over the Civic would have nullified all of this, but it didn’t. As expected, the initial punch is somewhat misleading, 0-60 mph times are about 8 seconds.

Steering is excellent, though there was more body roll then I was expecting, judging from my experiences with other, admittedly older, Acura models like the RSX and Legend. Overall, engine noise and wind noise are fairly muted.
For a $25,000 vehicle I thought cabin materials were superb, though there were some loose panels along the transmission tunnel. Still not digging Honda’s navigation interface, it looks ancient and is honestly not helpful compared to Google Navigate or anything a Smartphone has to offer these days.

Would I get this? The other vehicles on my mind now include the 2013 Acura RDX, Prius c and Buick Verano, and I haven’t driven them yet. The groan from the excessive tire noise that intruded into the cabin is, for now, a deal-breaker for the ILX, at least until I get my hands’ on these other models.
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I had high hopes for this car especially after the CSX being a disappointment, but the auto only is disappointing and if panels don't fit together well I'd probably be more inclined to save and choose the civic.
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