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For more than 50 years our family business has grown to become a globally recognised award winning specialist. We provide provide a comprehensive range of specialist integrated services in the UK and beyond - Demolition - Design - Remediation - Specialist Cutting
For more than 50 years our family business has grown to become a globally recognised award winning specialist. We provide provide a comprehensive range of specialist integrated services in the UK and beyond - Demolition - Design - Remediation - Specialist Cutting

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming common place across all Government funded construction projects. This means, under standardised BIM best practice, all construction professionals involved in the creation of publicly-funded developments will work with, and from, BIM as a central hub for sharing information.

What is BIM?

In short, BIM is an information-rich software tool used in place of traditional building design methods such as pencil drawings or CAD. Professionals throughout the build chain use BIM to conceptualise, design, specify, build and eventually demolish a building.

The team at Coleman Engineering Services has worked hard to ensure we are BIM ready, and we are committed to moving with the industry as this shift change continues to take hold.

How does this benefit our customers?

BIM facilitates effective exchanges of information, which delivers greater collaboration between teams and ultimately smarter project delivery – all things that we believe are crucial for delivering a project on time and on budget. Digitisation is at the heart of this switch up and that means more efficient methods of working for us, our clients and all collaborative parties on site.

With the training, software and experience in place, we are ready to respond to BIM-led projects of any size, leading from the helm for clients who are still finding their feet with this different approach to specialist engineering and demolition.

The overall aim?

BIM was first announced as a government initiative in 2011, and its introduction will enforce sector modernisation across the entire Government funded construction industry, with two key objectives – reducing capital costs and delivering a 20% carbon reduction for the construction, operation and eventual demolition of the built environment.


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David, Mark and all the Directors from The Coleman Group would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2017

Our offices are now closed until Tuesday 3rd January, but to find out more about the services we offer, please visit
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The Coleman Group is a family business, which has been run by three generations of the Coleman family over more than 50 years. The business may have grown in that time into a world-renowned demolition contractor, but the family values instilled by John and Norah Coleman remain to this day.

As part of this growth, we launched a new people strategy in 2015 – a new way of doing things as we moved from an SME into a major player on the world demolition stage. The most important thing was not to lose our family values - and so Coleman & Me was born.

Here Joanne Sullivan, our Group HR and Training Manager, explains what Coleman & Me is all about – and why our people remain our biggest asset.

Why was Coleman & Me created?

When we launched our new people strategy, we wanted to do it in a way that our staff could understand, that they could relate to and that they could resonate with. Our brilliant teams are the heart of everything we do – and so they had to be at the heart of this new strategy too.

The external Coleman brand is extremely strong with our staff, whether they work on site or at HQ, and so we wanted to create a strong internal people brand that could sit alongside it - focusing on our people and their employee experience.

What exactly does it involve?

Coleman & Me contains four sub-brands, each focusing on a different part of our strategy:

• Thank Me – our recognition programme, to make sure that staff feel appreciated for the job that they do. It’s all about taking the time to say ‘thank you’.
• Recruit Me – from attracting staff to the business, guiding them through the application process, to the roll out of a new company introduction. This is all aimed at making staff feel part of something special from the very beginning.
• Train Me – our comprehensive training strategy, which was overhauled and formalised with the launch of Coleman & Me.
• Reward Me – making the most of our benefits, including ongoing communication with staff to keep them up to speed with everything that’s going on in the business.

How did you prepare for the launch?

Easy - we went to each site and spoke to our people. What else could we do? We asked them what was important, what would improve their time at work and what would they like to see done differently. The results shaped our four sub-brands above.

How has it been received by staff?

The feedback has been excellent. Staff love the simplicity which is great because we wanted this to be inclusive, something for everyone. We’ve had some good external feedback too – last September we were shortlisted for the ‘Best Branding’ award in the Engagement Excellence Awards.

Anything else?

The most important thing is that people have always been proud to work for The Coleman Group, which is a fantastic position to be in. Coleman & Me has created a framework for us to keep growing and evolving over time, supporting the business and our staff as we move forwards.
We know that our people are our number one asset – and this gives us the opportunity to demonstrate that

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As a demolition company, you cannot underestimate the importance of rigid systems and processes. From fundamental health and safety legislation, to complex management systems, it is vital that all processes are documented, communicated and – most importantly – complied with. They must also be reviewed regularly to enable continuous improvement.

As part of this, The Coleman Group has undertaken a rigorous Group-wide audit of systems and procedures, covering all health and safety, quality and environmental systems. This included a site visit and individual audit at every single site to understand the knowledge and compliance across our businesses offering demolition services, remediation services, specialist cutting services and engineering services.

Led by our General Manager James Howard, with the support of an external independent consultant, we focused on paperwork, planning and resources. The feedback was extremely positive and we are proud to say that our strong family values as an organisation are being translated amongst individual site teams.

In fact, when we asked our third-party consultant what he thought of our systems, the level of compliance and current knowledge amongst our staff, he replied:

“I consider your method statements to be amongst the very best I encounter; a substantial organisational effort is invested in them; your people contribute to them, they are very specific (avoiding ambiguity) and extensive. In terms of implementation, based upon my audits over the last two years, I am very impressed with the level of conformance. Many organisations could adopt your approach as a model.”

We have now prepared a ‘state of play’ summary across all sites to identify any areas for development. We may well be proud of our performance, but there is always room for improvement.

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As you may have read at the time, The Coleman Group is proud to have achieved SILVER accreditation from the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), a voluntary accreditation scheme which encompasses all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations.

SILVER accreditation is awarded to operators who maintain their Bronze accreditation and are able to demonstrate that they have developed driver licencing verification systems, vehicles are fitted with blind spot minimisation devices and those over 3.5 tonnes are equipped with a left turn audible warning system.

To achieve the SILVER mark of excellence, our Fleet Manager Malcolm Hurst and the team were required to provide evidence for all accredited operating centres, covering 62 vehicles across the Coleman fleet, and demonstrating that they meet the specific requirements for Silver. This includes 30 vans, 13 LGV/HGVs and 19 fleet cars.

FORS does not just help our Transport Department to measure and monitor performance in order to achieve best practice, it also goes some way to demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement of all transport matters.

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We Will Never Forget – Didcot 4

With the recovery of John Shaw earlier today, the last remaining colleague to be found in the debris of the Boiler House that prematurely collapsed on the 23rd February, everyone at Coleman & Company is reflecting on the terrible incident which claimed the lives of four friends and colleagues, Mick Collings, Chris Huxtable, Kenny Cresswell and John Shaw.

Mark Coleman – Managing Director said “for the families, the loss of their husbands, partners, fathers, brothers and sons is an absolute tragedy and everyone at Coleman & Company is deeply sorry for their loss. The families of Chris Huxtable, Kenny Cresswell and John Shaw, have had to endure an agonising wait for their loved ones to be recovered and during this time we have witnessed a spirit of togetherness and support for each other. All the families are in our thoughts and prayers and we remain committed to supporting them in anyway we can.”

We wish to express our heart felt thanks to RWE who took a leading role in planning the work that allowed recovery operations to continue, Alford Technologies who undertook remote demolition and Brown and Mason who provided people, plant and equipment to undertake the most sensitive aspects of the recovery operation in the most difficult of circumstances.

Finally, our thanks go to the incredible work of the emergency services, rescue teams and all the volunteers who have taken part in the past 7 months. We are in your debt.

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Well Done James….

James Skyrme joined Coleman & Company in 2009 at the start of the Birmingham New Street redevelopment. Since then he’s continued to work on a number of projects more recently at Waterloo International Terminal.

We are proud to say that James has successfully completed his NVQ programme, passing his level 3 NVQ Demolition Supervisor Card.

Congratulations James, well done….

#demolition #birminghamnewstreet

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Well done to Malcolm Hurst and our Transport Division that have now attained FORS Silver. Fantastic achievement #demolition #logistics #specialist

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Check out this update from Mark Coleman FCIOB, MIDE, AIExpE
This is "Battersea Gas Holders Demolition" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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Considerate Constructors Award

Coleman & Company has received “Considerate Constructors” recognition at the 2016 awards.
Project Manager Paul Mayo received the award on behalf of the Directors, who are currently dealing with the recovery of colleagues at Didcot.
The award recognised the excellent work undertaken in demolishing a redundant gas holder site in Walsall for National Grid Property.
Mark Coleman, Managing Director, has thanked everyone involved and recognises the welcome news at this difficult time.


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