And now it is time for some shameless self promotion. My wife, +Suzanne Brodine, is writing her second novel. She is releasing it as she writes it as a serial on her website using her nom de plume. I would consider it a Sci-Fi Action Novel. You can read it at her website as she releases chapters:

Here's a little blurb if you want to know more:
Earth has had a bloody, disastrous first contact with alien life which they barely managed to survive. Humanity united under a single government, the Sol Confederation, and has spent a century fighting across star systems in a war that appears to have no purpose other than to wipe out humanity.

In 2148, Sergeant Clara Maker is more than halfway through her obligatory two years of service in the military when she becomes involved in a new wave of aggression in the war. She wants nothing more than to finish her duty tour and return to Earth, but whether she wants it or not, a career as a soldier may not be something she can escape. Not with her life intact.

Congress and the Sol Coalition have acknowledged that the war cannot be won without taking drastic measures. To save their species, they must create a new one.

Faster and stronger, bred for war, genetically engineer soldiers have been bred to fight humanity's enemy. The secret research project could give Clara Maker what she desires most - a life without war. Or, it could rip apart the fragile unity Earth developed against a common enemy.
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