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Coming soon.... Princess of China
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looking forward!!!
原来在coldplay眼里,Princess of China 就是“千手观音”啊......
wow what a hair and what a dress
pls check out the peacock i have uploaded and comment!!
Thousand hand Avalokitesvara
I think you guys should find a Chinese culture adviser.
princess??... escaped from a lab??

this is a Bodhisattva actually
actually,this is princess of any relation with chiness.
Yya BA
Yeah for free download I hope so!?
Just wanted to let u know U guys r one of my favorite Alt Rock Band :D
in my orchestra class we are playing viva la vida
is that supposed to look like Rihanna? good song
i love your band and my new favorite song of your is paradise!!!!
Hey your song paradise is soooooo cooooool. I luv it thanks for dropping it
for the shit i listen to yea it is
idk wut the fuck that means
looks lik somthing leonardo da vinci created b4
Looks like the devil.
more lie it looks like shit
Oh man, not another Coldplay tune. Please retire guys, and branch off onto different projects. Yawn.
thank you i needed a lil help
Nice one Anthony Glen, that silly ass wipe should get his hating ass outta g+. Way to go Glen.
Amazing !!! I've been waiting for this 
ok look im just stating my opinion and if u dont like it to fucking bad
keep calling me the gay one and ill slit all of ur throughts and i bet iv had more girlfriends then u have blowjobs
Looks more like the Hindu Goddess Durga :)
looks like a dragon with many arms
Ooohhhh I can't wait!!! Looking forward to it! =D
Can't wait for this vid to come out!, it'll surely be awesome! :D
yeee, omg now im excited! I walked into TESCO and I could not find the newest Coldplay CD and I have been saving up for ages!! :{
i love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bring it baby, bring it :D
Saw your concert, loved you more. xD
Just heard the song play on the radio...LOVE IT!!!
Coldplay.... 'jdhjajqjhrogqagsz', to amzing for words!
coming to see you! 7th June Sunderland stadium of light! omg cant that night just last forever
Sketch of a screenshot from the vid?
Reminds me a lot of one of the Hindu gods
È una delle mie canzoni preferite del mitico album "MYLO XYLOTO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
weird...ish, but who gives a damn? it's Coldplay
Chen Xi
I cant believe your not coming to Adelaide.....i've been waiting for months for you's to announce the dates....i'm sooooo disappointed......WHY......:(
YEESSS finally ive been checking youtube constantly to see if the official video is up
what? that is so weird looking but I still <3 coldplay!!!!
Have been waiting for a while........
You guy's are to awesome........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u guys r the best wish i had a jet so that i could travel 2 all ur shows...GOD BLESS ALL OF U GUYS
U guys have great songs I love paradise,yellow,and a few others
Thanks. This song is lovely like British men! I hope you be successful.
Lol! Coldplay listen up. That song Is amazing!! Just like paradise!!!!!
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