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Did you check out the brand new Princess of China video yet? Watch it below and let us know what you think!
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Roger P
Great video to a great song! 
it looks like an old Chinese movie I watched before... 
I absolutely love this song! I also love the homage to some excellent movies in this video. Nicely done, everyone!
good song
video in the best traditions of the Siu-Tung Ching and Zhang Yimou
The video is okay, especially the movie-like intro, but I don't like the song at all.
Super .. but I do not understand why Rihanna as the Chinese princess: D
hate the song it sucks been to many cold play songs this is only bad one
i didn't know Rihanna was on your album
Nice one!!! Thumbs up for Coldplay and Rihanna!! 
I always knew Chris was some kind of Chinese sword man. And could fly.
Awesome, but btw, way to many cultural "inaccuracies"
i no this might sound a bit starge but is any 1 that is a boy single coz i wanna man
any one wiling to go ut with me i am so sexy
Boring, absolute lack of musical originality, I do agree about the "cultural inaccuracies". . .Guys, you've done much better things - take a break and try again!
I absolutely love it!  Creative, colourful, sexy, powerful,  X
Coldplay and rihanna? interesting... but still loved it
You really heart me. not too shabby.
Love this tune reminds me of being back on my holidays!!!
Who is the target audience for the video? Trash film lovers? And no wonder music sales are going down with music (?) like that.

+Huajun Daniel Sun : True. But at least, Hero hadn't had Ninjas!
i like you(coolplay and rihanna
you guys sound really good together
+Christian Kaden  I am watching this as a joke actually. Haha, if Japanese Ninjas were heroes of China back to the Qin Dynasty, the China government would have nuclear bombed Japan, seriously, lols.
I love it, but my favorite coldplay's song is and it always will be Viva la vida <3
Yeah cold play was and always will be loved by my south African hommes
such a good song
loveloveloveLOVE this song :)
wow.... amazing and expensive video ricol haplay....
kinda boring and her nails are soooooo long....not my style
ya ,,didnt liked any of her music, but this is good
Love the video and the song. i absolutely LUV coldplay and rhinanna
Great song, great production quality. Not quite crouching/hidden, but it suffices.
it's actually amazing, some bits are cute, others are amazing overall thumbs-up fantastic!;)
Not interesting, Just junk!
wo thought that was chuck Norris for a second ............i guess im still right
coldplay please stop trying ... everything went downhill for you after your album X&Y ... spare us the rihanna remixes ... and the shitty written songs ... viva la vida? really?
after the albume X&Y they really goinn down but, paradise  track may be cover these yrz
there is one problem:they didnt ave samari fighting/ninja fighting in china
it doesnt matter this video is great good job!
Chris should marry a chinese girl. Seems he's got the yellow fever.
it's really amaziiing!!!love ya coldplay and rihanna!!!
you're original as usual!!!!
I like it, its different! Different in a good way I think... :-D
he chou
never expect that foreigners can distinguish Chinese culture from Japanese one. I see ninja...
video doesn't go with the song :(
I liked it. Although the good and bad comments about it, you just cant "evaluate" a nice band like Coldplay just for one video or one song. Im a big fan and I'll always support my favorite band!! Coldplay rocks!!
brilliant....rihanna & chris.... that's a weird match!?!?!
L. Kh.
I agree with Ayan. The video is pretty weird to me.But I love the song.
Adore this song. My favorite on the album. Amazing to see live at your Portland, OR show. Woot!
simply amazing.....its really a great M/V...
Great song. But a big NO to the video.
ひっどいビデオ。白人(yellow, blackじゃないという意味)がカンフー映画を撮りたくて、理論武装したら「マトリックス」になった、みたいな。白人のマスターベーション満載の感があります。
i thought its princess of China...whats rihanna doin there?
Hey Google, why do videos on your + page play jerky? They work fine on Youtube.
WOW !!!!! Awesome :O I am a GREAT fan of Coldplay !!!!!  :)
Hm... I do not get it -- having lived in China for a long time, I would have expected a "Princes of China" to be associated with some imperial China aspects... BUT in the video all we see is symbols of may be rebels or ??? I have no idea what the video is supposed to convey as a message
My view -- thumbs down...!
it`s so beautiful ,,,,,,,,,,,,,i love it
I love prince of china ' really hahaha like he know you people !! Get life and stop dreaming !! He is human like us but one thing make him ass hole is his money !! If I had his money every one will love me !!

Great, a bit too much; maybe, more Rihana's style than Colplay's.Though It remind me a lot of  old and new movies that I love, so I like it
ooooo amazing video coldplay really nice job!!!! :)
Started out great. I like the voices more than the electronics they brought in later. Love Coldplay.
i personaly found it kinda wierd
nice video effects and the song is ok different from your usual, but whats the album name im sure its great as always, ive always loved the scientist learned to play and sing it on guitar once i got the tuning right when u played it acoustic in that white room it was amazing just yu and the other guitarist! thanks hope to get some feed back on the new album!
I love you coldplay.
I love rihanna but i dont get the beats so i dont like it.just a comment
that wasnt the best... most asians would probably be like "this video is soo american"
i know because neither of these people are chinese so they don't have much experience but i like the song and the video is cool
Princess of China? don't be ridiculous , can china princess look like this way ?
Rihanna doesn't exactly fit the role of Princess of China. 
Other than Coldplay, I didn't really like anything about that.
Well, Except for the movie-like intro.
I don't really like the song (I love other coldplay songs though)
I couldn't understand a word rihanna sang
i love rihanna but i dont get the beats of this song so i didnt like it.just a comment.
I like, but of course I am a Rihanna fan. But it captured my attention as well. Good work. 
I just love it! It's very unique and fresh. #RihannNavy  :D
+Mark Hawthorne and James 'AppleSourz' Wiseman,

I'm in dislike with both of you right now..... I might even put you in the naughty circle..
I luuuuuv the dress Rihanna! I da bomb 😉😊☺
Great visuals.  Too bad Coldplay's music doesn't do much for me (which takes some doing - I'm a musical omnivore that will listen to anything from JS Bach to Slipknot)
Chris Martin would never pull a Chris Brown.
Something my wife and two daughters can listen to together.  As for me and not my son....Nah!
oh crap. this song isnt bad, but coldplay is trying to be more mainstream music, which means not as good music. just like what happened to poor maroon5. *tear tear*
i do like this song though. and the video is wicked. so maybe im wrong
Hi I am Lauren Williamson. I am a big fan. I always would listen to you guys and I am a good singer
Hello. I am a huge fan and i really like this video. Your music inspires and is just amazing! (though  do not think that this was your best work)
the video is a bit disappointing :( the song is amazing though :D
the video.....awesome!! the song too.
SUX. CAN'T STAND RIHANNA. Not buying for one minute the bad ass china doll image. Chris could've done it without that nasty thang.
Video aint that great, good song tho!
I'am a music video director/editor, and I think this is a good one, mixing cultures/themes/styles...with a great postproduction.
i like rihanna with black hairs a lot better she is looking beautiful 
Good song, but video was weak. Rehash of 90s Kung fu movies. 
don't like this at all. Coldplay used to be much better.
It was good...really good, but Rihanna looked kind of....creepy...
I like the old coldplay better :(, but song is still good
Can't seem to get away from Rihanna right now, but this is a good song.
Abi B.
Amazing!!!! That is so sweet!
Why the guy in the video use a Japanese sword?
she's not that into him. They should have gotten another hairdresser. She's got a '65 beehive do in one scene and a cheap Cher wig in the other. She's too beautiful for crappy hair stylists.
Chris is a ninja and my life's complete. :)
m glenn
❤ Coldplay!!
A little on the weird side, but pretty great!
Very unexpected but always good stuff
yes i did, very nice :)
Alex ho
Chris,some of the MV's pictures confused the culture of Chinese,Japanese and Thai.And the video just depict the surface of some Chinese character. There is no profound meaning.So,it is fail to express the broad and profound ancient Chinese culture and spirit.

Excelent chriography altho she could have looked more authentic oriental.
I have to agree with +Alex ho ... visually it's awesome though..
Kind of stupid. Great song, great graphics but the video has nothing to do with the song. And I have no idea why the song is Princess of China instead of just 'Princess' or something.  saw a fan video with footage of Disney's Mulan that worked better than this.
This video needs elephant suits.
i really can't say i like it. what a u trying to tell us by it?
i love this song!!  i love coldplay. but i don get the clip. Why is it called princess of china anyways?
Just returned from two years away from civilization. I forgot how much I loved ColdPlay.
I love this song, such a good video :') xxx  <3
lol i luv coldplay they are like the best AAAAHHHH
I love your new song..Very nice !
I think I'm in LOVE with this video!
I love this song and what a cool video!
oh...Ninjas are fighting with Japanese swords.
If I were Chinese, I would be disappointed to see this video.
Hey sistaz this is an awesome song that I do not Just kidding:()
I cannot see Rihanna as a japanese princess....
awesome ninja battles!!
The nails don't work for me though
¡Muy fumado! ¡Nunca creí que fueran a hacer un video así!
It's Epic ! Love that song
Sweet!! Can't wait for the concert in Atlanta!!!
my mums already seen them with my nan, auntie and my step-dad
Great song loved it the first day i heard it the video is massive but i just don't get the theme of the video
what happened to the elephant on the unicycle? I don't get how you can do that and then make this crap
OMG sooo sooo handsom Christian!!!! LOVEU
Amo este video como todas sus canciones I love Rihanna ! I wanna Coldplay !! 
Great song,but why only one date in Italy for mylo tour??!
太不专业了。。。都没排练好就上来了。。。简直是黑我们兲朝啊。。。我看是princess of thailand也差不多
wuaoo genial vídeo 
very weird video,but i love it:)
really now ,yo this video its scary,i think im loosing my lv for Rihanna
好混搭。。。but nice...
genial este video de coldplay
i personally LOOVVEE this songg big fan!!
Cg Ward
coldplay writes and performs such  great songs i just get distracted by the vdeos
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