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Check out our Q&A with Marina and the Diamonds, who's supporting Coldplay across Europe and N.America this summer (and hear Chris's favourite tune by her) - 
We chat to Coldplay's summer 2012 support act
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+Jessica Powell you are very intelligent, jeje, no, really, it's not sarcastic, if you realy like coldplay, you are very intelligent, xD, and sorry for my bad english
bembieacusticplo from java indonesia are you sure?please coment.. 
bembieacusticplo musik from java indonesia are you sure?please coment.. 
primadonna girl, yeh all i ever wanted was the world
I got tickets... June 25!!!
She's gorgeous, like one of those 1950s ladies!!!
someone who speaks english please add me :D
I want to improve my english 
liked the band at least!! the guitarist was uber cool
what are you  talking about .  a old are you
luvv u lot soooo much, luvv ur new song, luvvv U!!!!!!! xxxxx ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
okay who do you want to help me or you
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby who do want to help
no i am not flirting with you i have boyfriend or ready okay  your 12 years old
OMG KIDS!!!!  go on a dating sit (even if you'r a bit too young) if you wanna flirt each other, but not on the wall of the best music group on earth, coldplay!!!! :O come on... O.o
what??? think a liiiiittle bit before opening your little kid mouth... i wooooonder who's the stupid one between you and me...
im not a kid and whats it to u if they want to flirt with each other let them get on with it aint up to u what they do
oh...i think you accidently touch the capslock button....:/
hahahahahahahahahhahahaha lmao. Did you really think that i will tell you my age? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
sophie im not talking to u soz i was talking to raphaelle
hahaha yes, i stop right now since i know i have reason, hehehe :3
lol you stop being bitch, thaths kind of really nice :)
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