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In his latest blog, Roadie #42 reports back from Coldplay's performances at American Idol and the Hollywood Bowl - read it at
#42 reports back from the Hollywood Bowl and American Idol
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As soon as their album was out I bought it
To all haters of the "new" Coldplay: This article is your answer.
Hey ColdPlay I am a grandma and I love all of ya!
Coldplay you are my favorite band! You have incredible music and stunning lyrics!:) 
I saw you in concert at the Main square festival in Arras and i love you !!!!!!!!
The concert at the Rose Garden was wonderful. Went with my daughter, this was the last goal on my bucket list! I am
Truly fulfilled. Keep the music coming
Coldplay. Thank you 
que dios les bendiga ynunca salgan del camino del senor
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