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Thank you so much to anyone who voted and got us a Brit tonight. It means a lot to us. CM
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When are you going to go live on Hangout ? It would be huge.
yang y
mais um album da hora da rapaziada do COLDPLAY!!!MAASSA VÉI!!!
I FUCKING LOVE COLDPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I DON'T EVEN CARE THAT PEOPLE CALL ME GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd love to hear more ethnic instrument just like in Life in Technicolor and Strawberry Swing. Looking forwad to it and happy experiment ^^
I like <yellow>,
from china
Catalina what does that mean? lol jus askin
yous are amazing .. yous derserve'd an award .. love yous keep up the good work <3!
I voted! Coldplay is the all time best band eva! <3 to those 4 guys
The thing I love most sbout your music is the instrumentals shiver with joy ...... too amazing!!! You guys need to come to Jamaica and perform... that would make my.........LIFE
Congrats ...well deserved 
much deserved, and long over due. You guy rock! :)
no biggie it didnt take that long at all or anything!! :D cant wait to see u in DC in july!!!! <3333
No problem!! Can't wait to see you on June 23 in Dallas on my birthday!!! :)
The world sounds, nature sounds, you hear the birds in the dawn of each country, be heard
noise of the people, half the world screaming, half asleep, hear the sounds
also the silence of the sky, amid all the stands collapse a ring coldplay, coldplay sounds with his beautiful music and the message you should receive
Now I can sing while listening to the war in their eyes, I can see peace in his heart, devoted to coldplay. -
You guys are great. Keep it up!
I loved how u opened the show with charlie brown xxx ur amaze xx congrats on ur BRIT
Ahahahhahah u Guyzzz r XXX Watcher :P
Well deserved! I expected you to share all the pictures you shared on Twitter though. It's so easy to create an album and post it in here!
Love you COLDPLAY!!!!!!!!!! Loved the charlie brown!!!! Love you !!!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxx
Which of you can help me to get a visa America?
کی میشه بیاین تو تهران اجرا کنید ! آخ اگه بشه .
Ja smin
you did it so deserves!=D
You are very welcone, hon and you guys deserve it! Good job :)
That Charlie Brown performance was something else!
Cracking performance at the Brits last night
James S
I am always impressed by your music. I can not wait to go to one of your concerts...

Keep making music
congrats to coldplay! :) long live and lots of love for Mylo Xyloto!!!!
fajny jest google (oczywiśćie konto google)
Hell Yea!!! We loveeeeee u!! =)
i love coldplay so much i wish they came to ellsmere
Tina G.
Love you guys.
Coldplay i love you so much..but are you really coldplay..please answer me :D
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