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Life Lesson of the Day

Its Impossible. Said Pride.
Its risky. Said Experience.
Its pointless. Says Reason.
Give it a try. Whispered the Heart.

Words that have inspired my approach to and

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I love this and share it often, thanks for sharing!
... and then you end up getting run over by a car. Should have listened to the brain.
Mike D
"ARE YOU CRAZY?" said the lower back.
Don't listen to the heart. It's an idiot. Brain is much smarter.
Is this trying to get me to try lying in the road? Cause that seems like a poor plan...
Brad G
GET OUT OF THE ROAD. Said the motorist.
B E A utiful!
I am all about that!
Give it a try. Lie down in the middle of the ROAD with your arms outstretched. - Darwin Award Winner
+Matthew Galvin, I was thinking "Why don't we do it in the road?"

Cause it's dangerous, gross, and people will see!!! A bed is so much more comfortable and clean!
fucking ah I like the comment by Devin Davis,
The life lesson of the day is that, even though you know it's risky to lie down in the road, that it's impossible to rule out getting hit by a car, and pointless to put your life in danger - you should try it anyway?
Did someone hit her with a car?
Yeah why is she laying on the ground? Is she ok?
OH NO someone call 911 she's not breathing!
The heart apparently told her to lay down until a car comes. Suicide motivational posters.
i just love this lets all spread the word
makes me think that if you believe anythings possible
nobody is listening to and it sucks cuz the Canadians are coming haha
the canadians are coming, the canadians are coming! Hide your valuables!
Go eat at harveys and get over it lol (educational fact: harveys is an aweful food joint in Canada...seriously don't ever eat there)
nice they probably poison the food or something?!(:
WTH is this doing in my Google + Stream? I didn't ask for this content and I don't like it being thrust upon me.
...and the cynic said, "what a clever way to advertise."
Elizabeth Saunders: welcome to the internet.
great when you are 16, doesn't hurt to do pointless things ....
I'LL put this post on top of the list of things I don't give a crap about. 
you know you want to. said peer pressure
Perfect timing.. i just quit my job without another one lined up. Not like me at all....
And now she's dead. Lesson learned.
true say done terorists @ d end they gave it try. No regrete.
true say done by 2 terorists @ d end they gave it a try. No regrete.
The sign said NO LEFT TURNS

It's impossible said pride
It's risky said experience
It's pointless says reason
Give it a try whispered the heart
SCREECH...CRASH... said the truck that you collided with.

The moral of the story is that you heart is full of shit.
Kim G.
love it - gorgeous photo and inspiring words.
They Might Be Giants once said "this could lead to excellence, or serious injury."
Just do it! Caveat: As long as you have acquired the resources to do it and don't expect other people to pay for your risks.
I'm glad she was inspired to lie down in the middle of the road
Idk about you by I think the heart is always right. Even if you get hurt at first, eventually you get a life lesson.
<a href=""><img class='event-item-lol-image' src='' alt="emo scene hipster - Hipster editing 101" title="emo scene hipster - Hipster editing 101" height="1259px" width="500px" /></a><br />see more <a href="">Go Cry Emo Kid</a>. Great job following the formula!
LOL at the HTML. Reminiscent of MySpace hahahhaha
You're stupid said the brain. Get off the road.
How would i save this to my phone i would liketo show to a friend
This says two things to me:
1. When the picture speaks louder than the heart whispers, it's hard to hear the heart.
2. Sometimes you dip your hook in the stream and catch mostly throwbacks.
I've stopped listening to anything but my heart. Try it and see how happy it makes you. Certainly makes life more interesting
OH SHIT says the mouth as you plunge through a guard rail.
"Lying down in the middle of the street might be dangerous" Said the brain.
really cool and motivating. Big ups man.
Where can i get this picture? i want to post it on my face book account!
... and then she awoke, aghast to be supine in the middle of that desolate road. Never, she vowed, will I ever smoke crack again. Her promise was assured by the sound of screeching tires. She was so beautiful to depart so soon.
the f*** was that?!?!??!???? screamed the broken leg two seconds later
Ping He
after reading this, "give it a try" would just become part of "says reason"
this is the stupidest f-ing thing........lying down in the road
I saw this shit like five years ago on MySpace with a different image.
so brave brings tears to my eyes
Would probably be more inspiring if not linked to a picture of someone who had fallen on their ass.
"Lay in the road" said the murderer in the car
oh god this is soooo nice!
Gia T.
that is sooo pretty!
LIFE is more important than what earn in it........
ur right as always buddy........
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!!!!" shouted the anus
calm yourself johnathan. i think that it was good
that is so true. Everything like ur heart urges u to try something and experince says it too risky. All of this is actually is something that makes compleete sense
Our heart can see the things that the naked eye can't, it hears whispers your ear can't hear and it can sense things which is impossible to notice. 
They say nothing is impossible..I do nothing everyday.
amazing love how it teaches you to do the impossible
never said no.Always you can what ever you want,,just give power to your heart and send the messaje to to your brain
wonder if the state trooper would ticket this guy for not holding the steering and eating while driving?
The words and her yes , also the road and glancen at the sun very cool selection as a pic
They say I'm a chronic gambler, but I'm actually an optimistic person. People have been warning me about my losses, but I think I'm going to give it just another shot. I'm going to sell my house for my last bet this time, just one last try. Thanks for the quote.... Wish me luck, all of you....
And the job market says Ha Ha; nice try.
I'm gonna use that thank u very much. I love it.
never stop trying,listen to your heart.
Yu know the popularity of this image is really blowing my mind on google plus. Mainly because of the fact it correlates perfectly with faith and we all know faith is not so popular on G+

awesome...but yeah..not necessary u always follow ur heart..but i think brain much better..
really...such language.take it to you nearest zoo
Don't lie in the middle of the road. Said logic.
i like your picture, i wish i could be a photographer just like you.. :D
wow what a principal principle for life!!!
Born to break records, exceed expectations! You can do ANYTHING you set out to accomplish.
The heart pushes us to strive beyond our own expectations...
I wish the haters would have moved on to something to occupy them instead of, uh, Hating. 
What? Laying in the road? Try listening to your head.
Sometimes you have to listen to your heart not your mind.
The last line of this should be: "... and they never found her body. Said the newspaper."
its hard to experience but where do u guys get these type inspiring thought...............which make up an ignition in people like me
ye aaram ka mamla h..............................
i think you are so happy. continue in this way .
"It's Time for a Beer and TV!". said the alter ego. ;)
I don't get it. Why is she lying in the middle of the road?
we can at any are no washed up after 55. ptodd
analysis Nike...just do it
love such- interesting thoughts please send more love it!!
Not sure it is the heart whispering... Might as well be curiosity. But who cares ? If you never try, you'll never know. So try anyway. :)
This brought me to tears and then I realized---maybe I do not really have a heart murmur. All this time it's been whispering......
bch 12
Great words to live by.
If your heart is telling you to lie down in the middle of a road, I'd listen to reason.
So true, I try to live the last line ... Happy Birthday, Colby Brown! Hope you have a good one! :)
-"Your heart just pumps blood" said reason again.
i thing she's drink over..............
Amazing words of encouragement!!!
Thanks for posting!!!
So true!! Your heart always knows the answers!! We tend to ignore it simply because i feel very few actually embrace themselves :)
really very inspiring....
This is so True. We have to over come the feeling and GO FOR IT! Whatever "it" may be.
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