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Iceland is certainly one of the most beautiful countries I have worked in in the past couple years. Earlier this month I had the privilege of documenting that beauty for 10 days, mostly focusing on west and southern Iceland. Here is a collection of images that take you behind the scenes on my adventure with +Ken Kaminesky and +Patrick Di Fruscia as we explored Iceland.

Thanks to Iceland Naturally, +Happy Campers and "Iceland is Hot" for helping to make this trip a reality. I am already planning my next trip back!
A behind the scenes look at Colby Brown's recent trip to the beautiful country of Iceland, shown through images taken with his Galaxy Nexus Android phone.
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looking good its so beautiful...
I loved it. Went also to West/South on 2010, a truly amazing experience!
Have a safe and enjoyable trip south Mr. Brown.
Nice background shots. I've actually had my eye on that phone now that it's in the Google Play store at that price. And of course to visit cool.
I will definitely have to go someday! One of my favorite places, outside of my home state!
Cannot believe he took these pics with a phone. It's about the person behind the screen, not the camera.
que hermoso pais espero que nuestra maldad no lo destruya
I love the concept of behind the scene photos. Very interesting and informative.
Great stuff, Colby! It's really interesting to see what goes on behind the camera, too. :)
great little collection buddy... looks like all of you are itching to get back over there. I'm stoked to see some final products!
Thanks so much +Colby Brown for sharing your personal view of this expedition. All super awesome captures! I could see that you had a lot to contend with when in came to the elements; but that's part of the excitement, isn't it? Really happy that it turned out well for all of you. Good luck on your next expedition. Will it be Macchu Picchu?
Some lovely photos. Can't wait to see the final results.
+Ann Maser - I leave tomorrow for Peru and Bolivia for 3 weeks. Thanks for the kind words! :)

+Ralph Mendoza - Thanks. It will be a bit for the final results, but I am very happy with what I have seen in my computer thus far.
Good shots!! The behind the scenes documentation on ur Tumblr blog is really good!! Thnx for providing the useful links for visiting Iceland!! Pretty informative!!
I wish to spend sum time in that land. Great shooting.
Great set of images Colby. Would love to get there one day. Really looking forward to seeing the final products of the trip
I have to admit: I have been spending the last three hours looking at all your work.
There is so much to learn abou all from you.
You all rocks!
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