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Nik Software's SNAPSEED released for Android

I am stoked to announce that +Snapseed , one of the most popular mobile photography editing programs, is now officially been announced (available in the link below). I have been using and testing the final version of this application for a few weeks on my Nexus 4 and I have to tell you I am impressed. You can look back on the last few Androidography images I have shared over the last week...all were made with Snapseed.

Many people don't realize that photo editing is a large part of why iPhone photos generally look much better then Android mobile images. Now the playing field is even...and my Nexus 4 is enjoying the Snapseed love.

Google Play Direct Link:

Full review and tips & tricks coming soon on my blog:
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Finally! Thanks for the info :)
Snapseed is a great tool that I used on my iPad but was waiting for it for my Android tablet.
"We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."
I have been waiting for this for a very long time! Thanks for bringing this app to Android! (broken link tho)
Awesome, can't wait to try it out! Thanks fit sharing!!
Not showing up in Google Play either.
This is great! Even though I don't use an Android I have many friends that do and have been waiting.
I'll be getting a copy tonight. I've never really had much luck with the existing android photo apps.
+Colby Brown oh, my bad. I saw "Get it now" on their website though. I'll wait! (Don't have any Android devices on me right now.. eagerly waiting for my N4!)
It's not up yet, but it sounds interesting, reading about it now.
I don't know if I'm reassured that they've been down since this was announced...
Thanks so much for the heads-up. I use it all the time on iPad, but have been impatient to use it on my Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7. Great editor. 
Stoked!   Thanks for share :)
I see it's now available in the Play store. yay!
I can see it in the browser version of the Play store, but not on the phone, and when I try to install it, I get "Oops, we had trouble with this request. Please try again later". Hope it's not US only.  Hard to be patient if you've waited for something.
Play link is down...  Never mind :)
great release (but only for android 4.0 and up).
Makes me wonder about the desktop client tho - hoping for an update there to, such a great little photo editing software :).
Without support for the Nexus 7? Seriously?
Whoohooo!!!!!! Gotta make from on my screen for one more icon. LOL
Just as I suspected, Snapseed is not compatible with my older Droid X. Guess I'll have to wait until later when I can upgrade my device.
Nevermind, found a working download link. just search for snapseed in g+
Curious, +Colby Brown , why is the Nexus 7 not supported? It meets the minimum Android version.... Thanks!
+Kevin Tofel and +Leif Sikorski - I am going to be publishing an interview with the product manager for Nik and Snapseed next week on my blog. Maybe an answer will be in there :)
That it is! This will probably replace many of the current programs I use.
So +Colby Brown, what you're hinting at with that all-too-innocent-looking smiley is that the reason it isn't compatible with out Nexus 7s is because they're currently working on a tablet optimized version? :)
haha +Kirk Watkins. I am saying nothing. But for you +Kevin Tofel  and +Leif Sikorski. The Nexus 7 issue will be resolved today...tomorrow at the latest. That is official as I just spoke with the Product Manager.
Got it, and...damn!  Seems pretty nice!
+Colby Brown Thanks Colby. They replied in another G+ Post that it is just an issue with a metadata. They're working on a fix which should be released very soon.
glad to see they updated the iOS app to include G+ feed, too. Removes a posting step in the process. huzzah!
Kudos for being the voice for Nexus 7 users. Love this app since it came out on IOS! 
Thanks for the heads up.  I used your link and grabbed it!  
The app seems to only share a small version of the photo, is there a setting for that?
+Federico Hamelius - From my experience, that only happens when you have a slow internet it tries to minimize the size to allow it to transfer faster. On a normal connection it should work fine. I will look into this regardless...
Totally stoked about this! I have been using it on my Mac for a while, and have been eagerly awaiting it for use on my Motorola Xoom tablet and Motorola Razr M. Thank you +Nik Software and +Google for making this happen.
Great news! Thanks. Works fine on my Nexus 7. Opens 8MP photos taken with my Galaxy S2 phone, all the edits seem to work fine, saves out an 8MP photo in the Snapseed directory. Just what I've been waiting for. :-)
Thanks for sharing!!! Great news and very interesting +Colby Brown...  But I used yesterday and when I'm editing app closes. Maybe even in tests...
Greetings and success!!!
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