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The Future of Marketing - Catvertising

I know what I can do to take Colby Brown Photography and +The Giving Lens to the next level...more Cats! I know there was value in #caturday :)

This explains what gifs of cats go viral and posts about humanitarian work go unnoticed :)
Downtown West, St Louis, Missouri
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Interesting. I'll have to take a look into this cat-egory
Good luck finding a reputable wrangler!
Okay, this helps explain your decision making process of getting a Nikon D800. You are preparing for the future by gearing up for cat shootings ;-)
That video is purffect, but I think it would lead to catastrophic events in the workplace.
Not will "The Queen" around and her torte attitude. With a swish of her tail everything would be under control...You just don't know this
Maine Coon Kitty!
My Siamese will kick any Pit bull's ass- entertainment right in my own living room. He hides the dogs bones with style!
It's Caturday somewhere right now...funny video
I need a cat! Might help my photography.
Haha! Time to take that advice to heart.
Even better -- cat and baby videos. Hilarity will ensue. Have the Bactine handy.
And to think, the key to a better business was sleeping on my face every night for the last 15 years. If I had only known... ;0)
Probably the Funniest Cat Video You'll Ever See
I dare anyone not to laugh btw!

My wife will give up her career ops' and the future that goes with it. (as it mean relocating in a different country) if we can't bring our 2 cats with us. I am not kidding!

Anyone not owning a cat cannot even begin to imagine the power of cats in this day and age.
I had to make a wedding cake for my sister.Butter creme frosting happens to be my cat Dewey's favorite frosting. I didn't know.Went shopping,came home to a frosting free wedding cake.Wedding in 2 hours...did I make a new cake?
too funny - perhaps humanitarian videos by cats? :-)
wow its amezing experince i lik it
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