Why Android is my OS of choice in an IOS driven Photography Industry

There is no doubt that Apple and IOS (iPhone and iPad) are the overwhelming choice when it comes to professional and amateurs alike in the photo industry. For a while, it seemed like that was the only choice and if you have anything different, it was surely inferior. Well times have changed...

This image is a screen shot of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android phone. Nearly all Android phones give you the ability to not only replace your battery with an extended edition, giving you longer battery life, but also load 3rd party software, ROMs and kernels to help customize and tailor your Android experience. After some tinkering, I am now able to get over 20 hours of battery life on a single charge with my Galaxy Nexus and this is with pretty solid use throughout the day.

As a photographer I can tether my phone to my Canon DSLR's for live view shooting, connect a usb thumb drive or HD to my phone with USB host support and now with Chrome Beta for Android, finally have a FULL web browser experience on a mobile device and not just a watered down mobile version.

Long story short, Android, especially with their latest Operating System ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), is now a viable option out there on the market for photogs on the move.

Later today I will publish a blog post with 20 must have Android applications that any photographer should have on their device.

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