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"Leaving Emerald Bay"
Lake Tahoe, CA - 2009

Growing up in California, I was very fortunate to have a family house in Tahoe. As a child I remember building forts in the woods behind our house and jumping in the beautiful yet chilly water that makes up Lake Tahoe. As a photographer, this area of California is amazing. One of my favorite locations is Emerald Bay, located near the south end of the lake. While extremely popular for visitors and photographers alike, there are still plenty of opportunities for unique compositions if you look hard enough. While I usually prefer dramatic skies, the clean feel of this image is what I enjoy the most.

Image Information:
CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark II
LENS: Canon 24-70 2.8L
ISO: 200
EXPOSURE: f / 9.0 at 1/125 Sec

Post Processing:
I balanced the light reflecting off the water with the sky by using Lightroom's local adjustments (brush) as well as the split toning feature. I cleaned up a few ripples in the lake via content aware in Photoshop and then slightly enhanced the color of the image using +Nik Software's Viveza 2.

*A higher resolution version will be available once my new Portfolio and Online Store sections of my website are finished. #cbblog
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I want to make pictures this beautiful! Thanks for sharing Colby.
Que bonito me gusta ,es un gozo para los centidos.
Will be there Saturday. Good diving there, I like the clean sky and colors.
Beautiful scene-something I'd enjoy painting.
At first I thought the skyline was too deep however whilst I glared at the whole composition, the whole frame feel perfectly. Amazing capture....thanks for the share and more so the detail of the shoot.
I visited Lake Tahoe a few years ago on a trip to California and found it a truly wonderful experience. This is a beautiful image and captures the tranquillity that can be found there despite heavily popular with tourists. Thanks for sharing this image +Colby Brown it brings back great memories.
+Hope OHara - There is a lot more too it then that. Running three photography business and balancing everything while trying to keep the dominoes lined up is not easy. I have been waiting for a web site redesign for 5 months (having gone through a few crappy designers), which plays a role in the cross linking from posts such as this. My book on G+ as well as the free PDF version certainly do tout interaction and sharing, but I think you would be hard pressed to argue that I am not engaged on a daily basis here.

Bottom line is that all of this puts food on the table for my family and so things are not so simple as, "Why don't you share more?" :)
Thanks for sharing. Wonderful memories and a nice capture. One of nature's finest moments
This one totally mellowed me out during a hectic day. An excellent example of a cloudless sky that is really stunning.
Nope +Mike Shaw. Have posted a handful over the last few weeks, roughly 40 last year as well. Just getting back into the swing of things with my website nearly done and a few other things marked off the to-do list.
Woow this is an incredible shot. I particularly like the perfect elliptic lines on the lake shore that make your composition so beautiful. Tones are fantastic too. Thanks for sharing it +Colby Brown
Oh my God thats really pretty my dad does photography well he's a profesinal so i know when a good picture comes
What a beautiful play of silhouette and light! Great shot!
we have the same first name. hello
IT is, indeed, beautiful. Years ago I took a boat ride around the Lake, and part of the trip included a brief (too brief) foray into Emerald Bay. Thanks, +Colby Brown
+Colby Brown Goes to show just how much attention I pay, I always come in to read you post but I must keep missing your photographs :)
wow thats a great pic too! i wish i lived there..
+Mike Shaw - I haven't shared a ton, so that is to blame as well. That is changing though :)
I grew up next to lake tahoe. Great pic.

.... +Colby Brown shared a photo on G+ :P

It's lovely Colby - and thanks for the accompanying story!
I was there in early February and it was awesome. I skied Heavenly
wow! terrific picture. Soooooo wish I had money for a Canon too....maybe some day!! Keep up your good 'work' x
my breathing slowed down.......its so peaceful.....beautiful .!!
you should come up to coeur d'alene some time and get some shots of it.
Damn!...the image is so crisp!! Awesome!
Fantastic! You should post this on Pinterest!
it makes me feel relaxed just looking at it
Like Hope OHara, Sandra Parlow, and Mike Shaw, I was very happily surprised to see this from you, +Colby Brown. I know you are immersed in the business of keeping seventeen different balls in the air. That makes this beautifully balanced, subtly colored shot, accompanied by memories from your early life, all the more precious a jewel we can treasure.

It's nice to see you step away from your roles as family man, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and tech guy to show us the Artist you are in your heart, if only for a moment, every once in a while.
Very very nise & beautiful plase
I have not been to Tahoe in a it, miss it.
luv the pretty sunset! Seems like a nice place to live
I'll be watching for them, Colby!
This is so beautiful, I love the color reflected on the calm water!
For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.
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Beautiful, peaceful image Colby. Thanks for sharing. :)
I'm looking your peacturres, and I felt emptiness but I am not phothographer.
What a lovely memory of a lovely place. Lovely image, too!
I was just there last weekend, not in Emerald Bay but on the northeast side by Sand Harbor... been meaning to go visit Emerald Bay
I read threemal your writing "Leaving Emmerald Bay" . Its warm and lovly. I like this. Emmerald Bay can nice and important for you.
superbe photo, très belles nuances de couleurs
Beau dégradé
Tahoe is so beautiful and you have photographed it beautifully well!
This picture is so realistic, that I can just imagine myself standing there!
Lovely image, lovely memories!. Thanks for sharing
Awesome! I'll be there in July on my way to Monterey.
Gorgeous gorgeous. Love the colors and the split tone. I wouldn't mind watching this from the comfort of a swinging hammock :)
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful work with us keep it up.
it teaches us that alot about the personality behind nature
Beautiful Emerald Bay, Beautiful Image, Beautiful Story...... Thank you Colby :)
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