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The "Google+ for Photographers" book is nearly here

The 1st copy of my new book "Google+ for Photographers" arrived in the mail today. This means that we are very close to the book being released to the public with Amazon shipping pre-orders out in the next week in a half. Inside the book you will find all of the details involved with creating, maintaining and growing a presence on Google+ as a photographer. Throughout the book you will also find "Colby's Quick Tips" that showcase my best pieces of advice for being an active and engaging member of Google+.

Each chapter contains an interview from some of the top photographers on the network, giving you insight on how they utilize Google+ for their needs (+Elia Locardi +Brian Matiash +Catherine Hall +Scott Jarvie +Varina Patel +Jay Patel +Trey Ratcliff +Alex Koloskov +Patrick Di Fruscia and +Dave Cohen from Google) .

Throughout the book you will also find 4 separate photographer highlights of the winners of my Google+ essay contest that was held last year (+Jacob James +mark waslick +Grayson Hartman +Melly Sh Y Hardt ). They showcase some of their photography work while talking about what Google+ means to them.

The website for the book is nearly complete as well, which will showcase another 20+ photographers that entered my Google+ essay contest as well as content from the book itself. Look for that release later in the week.

In order to demonstrate how to utilize Google+, I pulled screenshots from my own G+ stream, which means that many of you are in the book making cameo appearances.

Currently you can pre-order the physical book from Amazon here:

You can purchase and download instantly the Kindle version here:

An e-book version will be available as well.

+Vincent Mo +Brian Rose +Chris Chabot +Natalie Villalobos +Katherine Gramann +Vic Gundotra +Larry Page +Louis Gray +Romain Guy +Bob Cleveland
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Great to hear Colby! Maybe you can come on the show to announce when it's officially available. :)
Awesome to hear and congratulations +Colby Brown l ! I've had mine on pre-order for some time now.
Looking forward to receiving my copy!
Suggestion - organize a book bomb day - where you get us all to order on the same day (I will order one to support your work) - to boost Amazon rankings :)
A fabulous Idea, and reading your post it sounds like a definite read.
That's super exciting news, really looking forward to seeing the final product! Ordering one now:)
Just pre-ordered, can't wait to see it.
Awesome, Colby! Looking forward to it!
I pre-ordered it .... I look forward to reading it....
Preordered! Congratulations, +Colby Brown! Now let's get together so you can sign my copy :)
+Vincent Mo - I will be Mountain View around the week of April 15th. I had planned on stopping by :)
Great news!! Thanks +Colby Brown ... just placed my pre-order with Amazon. They're saying around April 6 delivery. Can't wait :)
Awesome. Nice work Colby. Looking forward to reading it.
Linda cámara. Saludos desde Chile.
Looking forward to the electronic version!
He can still do that. :) it really works though, other author friends use it for great success!
Shouldn't it be released on Google Play?
You earned it man. I know how many hours you put into this!
Looking forward to pickup up a copy! Thanks Colby!
Always enjoy supporting one of my favorite Photogs.... Congrats +Colby Brown
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this post shows that you don't have enough on your plate +Colby Brown. Good stuff. Going to order :)
waiting for the e-book. Great idea Colby
Looks like a good read! Available also through Amazon UK.
Look forward to reading it! I'm sure there are lots of things I haven't quite got right yet, though I must say that I am humbled to have 5000 in my circles! :)
Pre-ordered. Awesome to see it materialize! Congrats man!
wow! so exciting Colby! can't wait to see it!!
will buy one as well ... hmm.. ebook or printet book ;-) I don`t know
Thanks +Julian Ortiz - If you, and everyone else, could also write up a small review on Amazon after you have looked through it, I would greatly appreciate it!
I was thinking about that. I never write a review so this is will be my first time. If it can help to promote, I'll do it.
hmmm..... can't decide if I should get the Kindle version, or the print version... decisions, decisions.....
Congratulations Colby! I do look forward to reading and doing a review for a group I am part of. I am always expounding the virtues of G+ for photographers and it will be great to have a solid resource to point them to.
+Sandra Parlow - I need to double check, but a purchase of the soft-cover was initially supposed to include a kindle version. Not sure if that is the case though. I will follow up on it this weekend.
oh, that's neat +Colby Brown .... I noticed the other offer you posted (the coupon thingy) is all out - but no matter. I think I'll end up getting the hard copy any ways..
Hey +Colby Brown congrats! I got your book (kindle version for iPad) day before and have gone through most of it. Very useful - love it....thanks for putting it out
Great to hear +Harry Neelam . If you get a chance to review the kindle version on Amazon, I would greatly appreciate it
Exactly what I need!! Will this also be available as an epub ebook, so that I can read it on my nook?
Yes epub will be great for me as well.. for reading on my prime ;-)
+Philippe Brantschen - I will double check, but B&N should be getting it. I have a prime and read the book on the Kindle app just fine though :)
fyi +Colby Brown just got a notice from Amazon that they will ship the book sooner than anticipated. Will ship next week :)
Will it be available on Audible? I signed up for Audible after This Week In Photo advertised it as being on there, but it's not.  No worries, I'll get the paperback if not, but would like to know. Thanks, can't wait to purchase it.
How is the book? Do you know the author and is he a good guy? ;) Seriously I will order a copy today. 
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