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Google releases "Google Drive"

Watch out drop box...Google Drive is here. If Google is getting into cloud storage...consider me curious.

Link to Android Store version
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pair this with a scanner and digitize your entire paper trail -- i've been doing this for months -- rocks. +Colby Brown
Finally! When I worked at Google, there was a project that we called G drive... Never thought I would see it come to light... Wondering if this is the same product.
Hmm, I have one of Google's netbooks that uses Googles Chrome operating system ... wonder if there is a Drive version for that. Thanks for the heads up +Colby Brown!
So this app replaces Docs on Android...wonder if they'll do that for the online service as well.
+Armand Salmon Dropbox's move? I dunno......Dropbox is still way better, they dont have to do anything.
OH. OK, yeah they did. Pop on over to Documents and you can start using Google Drive!
yes it is! I finally found the download for the desktop sync client.
+Chris Gachot Dropbox's move in terms of upping free storage from 2GB. I would expect within a few weeks to hear that they up the free space. As it is, expect Google Drive to be shipping on AOSP Android devices in the future, at least that would seem a smart move. Dropbox mobile app is great, but quirky in that you can no longer keep a local copy of the file unless exported.

BTW, I also use dropbox and love it. Through referrals, I have my free space up to 7.2GB.
+Stella Gassaway I saw that announcement yesterday, and I swore I always had that feature. On my desktop dropbox client, I would right click any folder (windows) go to the dropbox subtree and select 'get link'
This opened the browser with a short db link. I've been using that for some time to share songs within my posts.
Was the announcement something different?
Cool, thanks +Colby Brown . Do you think this could take the place of dedicated cloud back up services like Jungle Disk, Mozy etc? 1Tb at Gdrive is a lot cheaper than the above...
By the way, 'my G Drive is not yet ready' as Google tells me :)
If its free it's for me! 
#Linux users, if you think #Google should build a Linux client for Google Drive, then let's start a new march to get #driveforlinux trending on Google+.
Funny that Dropbox is trending right now, probably in response to Drive... if #driveforlinux doesn't happen, I guess it's dropbox or ubuntu one for my cloud storage - which is fine.
I've used GDrive in the past and it used to allow you to use your *unused" gmail storage space for uploading files .. worked like a charm, but horrible interface. Hopefully, It will be better this time around.
+Colby Brown I'm curious to see how it will be and how it will compete with Dropbox 
Yeah, I don't know. Google knows quite enough about me already without having a copy of all of my files.
+Bill Alpert - I am pretty sure Google doesn't need those files to know stuff about you :)
Google probably knows more about me than THEY want to know...;-)
This is just Google Docs renamed to Google Drive tho and I'm been using it for the past 3-4 years now.
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