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Bob Ross gets whats coming to him...

In the end it was the "Happy Little Trees" that had the last laugh :)
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LOL. Epic post! Sometimes I'd think he was done and I was excited to see the finished painting then came the HAPPY LITTLE TREE! :\
lolz, i remember watching one of his shows a year a go with my family and every time he mentioned happy little trees we would burst with laughter
This is fantastic. I grew up in the town where he lived, and ran into him at Target as a kid. He was a giant, super nice, and all around awesome :)
lol really good one
yo tambien espero qke si contesta porfavor enviame una solicitud de amigo
In Soviet Russia, tree paints YOU!!!
you say "just what I thought Tianna" and I say "What?"
I like him! Has he passed on?
Some people just can't take a joke.. B[
Oh snap! I remember growing up with him on TV. I tried to paint along with him once... yeah, those happy trees looked more like something from the wizard of oz.
in Soviet Russia nature paints you!
it's how Bob would have wanted it to be
Oh man I was going to say if he has past away but then I search for him.. Wooh almost made a mistake..
Matt I think you hit that right on the nose
mientras tanto en un universo paralelo :)
Niiiiice... thank you public television
it needs to be a tall pine tree in stead
In Soviet Russia happy tree paints you?
artist paint trees but this painting shows that a tree paints an artist! so talented ....... amazing!
Y I Lee
I love Bob Ross!
that is the most coolest picture i have ever seen
What I find funny about this picture, is that the tree is painting his facial hair. Ironically, the color I remember most that he called out during is episodes was "Van Dyke Brown"
Y'all aren't hatin on the happy man are ya? Old guys can rock fros too, ya know.
There is no cause to be happy about his passing. The man had a quiet soothing way about him and I am sad to see him go. Rest in peace Bob.
Mack C
Too funny 
LOL. Some don't like his style, but you can't beat being able to have beautiful painting in about three hours, unless you paint as fast as he does.
What the heck just happened????????????????????
Sorry I find is stupid.. not funny at all.. The guy was of genius statis and then some one does this??
HEY!!! I know that dude!!! I go to his art class!!!!
They were only happy because that is Bob's style. Only happy trees made it in the paintings. Good man!
This makes a travesty of death. I hate it.
Is that true? But his my favorite painter and i watch his shows on TV.
I love to make friends with trees and bushes too, you know!
I used to watch Bob Ross all the time back in college. That's all I'm going to say.
That's so wierd! It should be the guy painting the bush instead of the bush painting the guy! It's kinda funny, not completely though.
+Dan Forney it's Bob Ross the happy painter. You know..the one who draws all critters unto himself. What more can you do with it?
LoL to this pic. What a good guy he was though!
Hello Good Morning To You
Happy Week End
Have a Nice day
Now that is pretty darn funny. Used to watch this guy quite often.
oh, how the tables have turned...
Y ahora, usemos el blanco cobalto par obtener una gran sonrisa!
And now, let´s use the cobalt white to get a big smile!
+Colby Brown seriously, please, no more Bob Brown. Wow, I've looked at that all day. Your pictures!
this guy was high as a kite each time he was on TV, "happy little trees" yeah right.
hahahahahahahahahahahaha. ive liked this guy since i was a kid
Ha ha ha ha ha ... it took me a few hours to figure that one out.
The trees are making me sleepy now...
I don't understand this...
All right, we are going to use a fan brush here and uh why don't you take some hunter green and we are going to put a happy little bush right down over here in the corner there and that'll just be our little secret and if you tell anyone that that bush is there I will come to your house and I will cut you.
he like to paint trees the tree getting there pay back lol
I watched him all the time when I was a kid.
You can still watch his shows here in Europe on some artsy german TV channel, always late night :-)
He always says , no mistakes, just happy accidents.
OMG...he's dead. I had no idea...his shows are still on occasionally in the UK on a Sunday morning. RIP Bob, never seen anyone do fine art with a 7" decorating brush before...
R Bee
LOL Hilarious!!
Colby Brown Bob Ross life was cut short, and I do not find your comment funny at all. I am the first Wife of Bob Ross and the Mother of Steve Ross, our only " Son". Bob was a great Artist, and still has many, many Fans that will attest to that. BOB ROSS was a very kind Man, and I miss him, we were still good friends till the end. 
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