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World Environment Day - Caring for Mother Nature

June 5th is World Environment Day and I just came across this clever ad for it over on Facebook. At times I think that advertising agencies are not even trying anymore (don't get me started on TV commercials) but every once in a while I come across an ad like this that makes you think. Well done....

Photo by Pjotr Theebe
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Trees are more abundant in America than ever before. Corporations are saving Earth.. lol
We can t work it out the unbelievable amount of comercial it s impossible I wonder if I ll carry on shame that was a nice concept Goo..+ comercial are ruined it.:(
nice keep it our environment
hi my name is mary i am the one in amy mcewen pic
I know this is meant to be about the day but what a great pic!
Excellent ad, really gets the point across. Thank you for sharing this.
Kind of a weird way to word the first sentence. Other than that it's a great concept and very thought provoking.
Presenting the tree who is going to give live birth!
ewwww im gonna throw up who would make this!
Wow, she get's it everybody. Give a cheer for our American banks of infinite knowledge.
But what if "Mother Nature" wants to have an abortion? Then we're all screwed! D:
his name should be bobby junior...
Uh ya. duh:P how did they ever come up with this twisted picture..?.?
This is really repulsive. The logic behind this is not only flawed and ridiculous, but this also brings a whole new meaning to "tree hugger" just saying.
I think it's clever actually. Though I'm not a freakin', tree huggin', bed wetting, liberal!
ya but it is the shape of the bark on the tree
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The pregnant tree is creeping me out.
+Joshua Megnauth It's just like a liberal to think he's smarter than me. I'm not a Republican, Libertarian, or a Conservative. I'm a Capitalist you moron. And I deserve the respect accorded that God damn title. Because I work for a living. And I'm paying for you stupid, disguisting, Socialist to continue to wallow in your own mediocraty. And didn't I already tell you you had no business even talking to me!?!
we need to protect the earth.
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omfg +Joshua Megnauth +Willie Wallace stfu noone cares what you are just as long as either of you have morals that agree with positive treatment of people and a fair government and if you do agree then drop it please
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or i am free to say as i please in the the ideology of free speech but you have that right also ^.^
well thats your opinion but its kinda funny you admit to being stupid in any way XD
+Joshua Megnauth Look broski, I understand that Capitalism, without a moral underling, can be a very ugly thing. But in my personal opinion, even Capitalism at it's WORST is better than Socialism. Capitalism can be very cut-throat, selfish, and greedy. But that's also why I emphasize MORALS as heavily as I do. And you have no grounds to get mad at me for using personal attacks. You're over here also assuming such things as me having never read a book in my life. I mean hey, get real. I do pretty damn well for also having a whore mother. But at least I'm trying to "evolve", for lack of a better term. And you're talking to 1 of the most morally bound, heartfelt Capitalists you will ever meet. But hey, do what you want you arrogant prick.
is all about the concept...
Result: Joshua with a knockout. 
Why the hell are people arguing about capitalism, and other forms of government on a freaking post about mother nature and trees?
Ok thanks for the history lesson:)lol
Wait... How did that convo ever start? The pic is of a pregnant tree!
there are more things to worry about! Mother Nature can take care of herself!
Eww? I think? Pregnant tree lady. (Splinters)
Take care of mother nature = china and India taking over as world leaders. The earth will take care of itself just fine. US jobs not so much.... The earth wants us to drill oil in Alaska!
Action from all of us would means a lot to our survival
we all can contribute to saving our planet so lets start with simple things like conserving water,energy and curbing consumption of food as well as resources.
Shudnt it be "mother nature NEEDS TOO care" n not "mother nature TOO NEEDS care"
I wish if we al could actually implement it!!!!!!!
+Joshua Megnauth please stop with your ridiculous attempts at political thought. Ignoring the fact that Libertarianism is in fact not at all related to Liberalism, we'll just move on to your point about Ronald Reagan. You're are seriously misinformed about economics if you honestly believe that tax cuts are what put us into the position we are in today as a country. The problem was caused by Socialistic policies such as Social Security (which accounts for a large portion of our debt) and the ridiculously exorbitant spending of the federal government. BTW, don't ever talk like you understand philosophy because you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
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