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Behind the Lens: Ice Waterfalls in Iceland

When it comes to preparing and planning for a trip, one usually has multiple options to choose from. Iceland, where I am currently, is no different. Most people visiting Iceland visit in June or October, to catch multiple hour long combined sunset and sunrises or the green look and feel mixed with potential for aurora images respectively. Personally, I usually prefer to travel durring the fringe seasons as a photographer, typically a month before the "popular" times. This usually means more unique photo opportunities and certainly less people getting in your shots :)

Being here in Iceland in May with +Ken Kaminesky and +Patrick Di Fruscia allows me to miss the crowds and substitute greener Iceland for a more Icy one. Many of the more iconic waterfalls have been covered in ice, giving them some of most unique textures I have ever seen. This unnamed waterfall on the north side of the West Iceland peninsula is a great example of what might of been an ordinary scene in Iceland 30 days from now. Do I wish that some scenes were a little greener or the weather more cooperative? Sure. But I also plan on coming back to Iceland twice a year for the next few years in order to cover enough of this amazing country to be content :)

This image was taken with my Android Galaxy Nexus.

While not all of the behind the scenes images from my adventures make it to Google+, Facebook or Twitter, you can check out my Tumblr page which will contain them all:

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You really like to shoot portrait mode, right? :)
I'd like to see a behind the scenes behind the scene shot ;-)
-No matter what nature throws at you, someone always manages to get a great shot like this one here! :)
Colby I love your Pics with your Phone and your camera pics also! I have a question are you post processing them or are you using a Android program to do the processing? I notice that some of them look like HDR.
+Gary McDaniel - Thanks for the kind words. I do edit the images I take with my Android cell phone, but it is all in phone so to speak. While I am waiting for Nik Software to release SnapSpeed, I really enjoy using Pixlr-o-Matic, which gives some nice editing options, although nothing very advanced. With editing, I have been able to get some great shots with my Galaxy Nexus.
Thank for the information Colby! I wiil following your journey there! Have a ball and be safe!
Small model, to see the detail, I longed to see the final.
+Stephen Flournoy - I love it. I have always got battery grips on half bodies. For me it fits my hands better and acts as a counter weight for heavy lenses.
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