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Who knew that Alaska was so GREEN? Just landed in Sitka, Alaska and loving it!

Taken with my Galaxy Nexus

#Androidography #alaska #galaxynexus
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Enjoy it up there +Colby Brown. I was there in 2010 on a cruise and we stopped in several locations. Really beautiful landscapes. Can't wait to see what you have to post from there.
Isn't that what you said about Iceland too? lol
I actually tell people that a lot and agree with you!.. the thing I remember the most about Alaska is how the color Green looked so full
Got back from my first trip to Alaska three weeks ago. Loved it and I'm already planning my return. Have fun!
Demasiada clorofila por esos rumbos.. eso debe ser genial..
love this shot, especially that it is made with a smartphone... and the fact there is no crappy vintage filter on it :D
Impressive shot for a phone.  I'd say it looks like the ridges of a cactus, but given you are in Alaska probably not.
and remember to always carry a spray bottle. lol
So very detailed n beautiful! Colby your eye goes for the obvious but sees the amazing!
SE is Nearly all green all the time... 
More, more....I am eager to see more of your Alaska!!! Wish you good luck and appropriate light!! 
Pretty good image........... would luv to try the nexus
the EYE ..thats where the picture lies...!
Wonderful capture, great greens and the water drops are tack sharp, be careful not to do anything that the red helicopters need to be called out 
Do you mostly use the stock camera app on your Nexus +Colby Brown ?  Amazing detail here, great photograph.  Enjoy AK!
Even the area around Dalton hwy from Fairbanks to Fort Youkon is pretty green in this time of the year.
OMG. I really want that as my profile photo! But I'd rather have this one...
Haha, yeah. Alaska is much more vegetated than people realize. I was fortunate enough to take a trip up there a couple years back, and it's a really beautiful place. They've got some excellent hiking trails, too. :)
Somehow it feels so relaxing!!
+Colby Brown - I knew Alaska was so green. You're so close; will you be visiting Juneau? If you're interested in some local perspective, let me know.
+Kent Mearig - Sadly I will not be visiting this time, but next time for sure! This certainly won't be the last time I am here in Alaska
Looks so beautiful! Really, I must say that the beauty is in the beholder's eye!
Thanks for taking the time to reply, +Colby Brown, and keep me from getting my hopes up. I figured that you guys might not be headed this way when I saw that +Joe Azure is actually from Sitka.
See, it's not about the time or something called fake ...etc. It's the beauty you are sharing with us. In fact we should THANK YOU to share your thought about your liking! Otherwise, at least I could never know that whether there the phrase  "PEOPLE of SAME TASTE" exists! :) Really! Some people just love to see and watch closely the beauty of nature but never share with every one except some one special..! :)
But you did! There is beauty in every single existence, but we human being, hardly notice, But YOU did, that's why YOU at least deserve a not only a comment but a pat and very big ThankS!

I love monsoon, and the pic you clicked is just outstanding! Green leaf with water drops( may it be fog or rain water drops), it is just "Beautiful"! Being a nature loving woman I cannot explain much, but you would be satisfied if you could see my facial expression! Really! :)

Good job! Best of luck. :)
Very nice image!  I second Meena Shaws' sentiments above!!
"A felszáradó könnycseppek helyén a boldogság születik..." Geo Radno(The Poet)
@Bobbi Jean :- I didn't understand your mean! Come again! What did you mean by "..I second Meena Shaws' sentiments above!!" ?
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