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"Cuernos at Sunrise"
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile - 2010

Exploring Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile and not catching sunrise over the Cuernos del Paine is like visiting Agra in India and not going to see the Taj Mahal. Even though there are hundreds of thousands of images of these peaks, you still can't help but want to bring home a keeper. Much like the rest of my time in Patagonia, I was fortunate to get pretty amazing weather while shooting this location. While some intense storm clouds wouldn't of hurt this scene, I was very happy with the end result. I used two stacked soft GND filters to help balance the contrast of light between the sun lit mountains and emerald green Lago Pehoe while also using a 6 stop ND B+W filter to help slow down my shutter speed to give the lake a glass like feel. What are your thoughts on the final results?

Camera Info:
CAMERA: Canon 1D Mark IV
LENS: Canon 24-70 2.8L at 38mm
FILTERS: .9 Hitech soft GND Filter + .6 LEE soft GND filter + 6 stop B+W ND filter
ISO: 250
EXPOSURE: 6.0 sec at f / 11

Post Processing:
Because I utilized my set of Lee filters while taking the shot, I was not forced to manually blend two photos together to create this image. In Adobe Lightroom I slightly darkened the mountains while pulling out some sharpness utilizing the brush tool (localized adjustments). I then pulled some of the green color of Lago Pehoe back out as well as brought some shadow detail out of the mountains using the same technique. I wrapped up the image using Adobe Photoshop to do some selective sharpening on the rock in the foreground and clean out a few dust spots.

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Wow, this is a beautiful scenery.
Wowww, what a great place and awesome Image, Colby!!
This is what they mean when they speak of painting with light.
edited??i cannot believe it with my!
+Mustaqim Yusoff - In the post I listed the editing I did on the image. It wasn't much, just a beautiful scene with very nice soft light.
Colby, this is stunning. I love the teal tones of the water mixed with the soft yellow tones of those jagged peaks. Very beautiful.
So blue water! I just wanto jump in!
Unbelievable shot! The mountains are so stunningly jagged!
Maki MA
wow, so beautiful scene. great shot!
Marvelous!!! Another must in my visit list!
Right now, I wish I was in that island..
that´s paradise!
A place of my dream, I played there in the movie with Johnny Depp. Hmmmm. Maybe someday ...
questa foto mi piace , questo paesaggio mi incanta ; grazie !
An amazing picture! It is so nice to see this kind of photos of my beautiful homeland (yeah, I'm Chilean). Hopefully you had an awesome time visitng Patagonia
My brain processed the image as two separate images for about a minute before I realized that they were from the same viewpoint.
+Colby Brown I have lived in Chile for 3 years and you have seen more than I... I must get to the far south as soon as possible... fantastic capture Colby!
my firend said yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!thats beautiful ^.^
that place is amazing, it's like all the most scenic landscapes on Earth rolled into one!
The Orange colour really makes the picture come alive:)
I was there in january but we didn't get to see a sunrise and we definitely didn't have weather like this the whole time. Now, I really have to go back!
I need to visit Chile, my moms side of the family is from near Valparaiso. it's absolutely gorgeous.
I always wondered what a coastline would look like if it were photo shopped to hell. Thank you.
That rock in the lake is being left out of the mountains' conversation
Best photografar. Nice place.
Best Picture Ever Seen !!!! Great Job :)
Your pictures are beyond stunning! Wow!
Hola! Yo soy de Chile, y me llamo mucho la atención esta imagen. Usaste algún filtro con algún programa?
Lago Pehoe & Torres Del Paine make for a beautiful sight. Did you hike up to the Mirador Condor, the view from there is just outstanding.
tim joe
thats beautiful
the colors really do it for me...especially the water--what a perfect shade of turquoise and the reflected sun's rays...just GORGEOUS! What an awesome mental image to carry around in your little gray cells & in your heart! Thanks for sharing!
I can feel the calmness, peacefully and breathtaking, thank-you! 
welcome ji....(in india 'ji' means sir) as i am from india
This definitely is a keeper, one-photographer- to- another------
Great shot and final result Colby. Thanks for sharing your shooting and post-processing techniques, it is very helpful in improving my abilities. Keep them coming please. Cheers!
+Colby Brown, you're kind of good at taking pictures you should consider going pro ;)
Looking forward to seeing the results of your upcoming adventure with Javie
Sly Ann
WOW! creativity at it's best. men, I love it
I want to own that, it look's so peaceful.....
I am really glad you started posting your photos here +Colby Brown It's great stuff!!! Enjoy your travels this year! do that..really smoothly
What a beautiful picture it is awe inspiring
Insane! Actually it looks like two different photos cropped together. Beautiful nonetheless!
i dont think so...
Damn thats nice. Its so surreal it looks like a drawing. Props to you for a great shot!
Las Torres del Paine en el Sur de Chile es hermosisimo, esos son uno de Los hermosos Parages en Chile Maravilloso.....!!!!!
That is so cool. Wish I could take pictures like that!
+Colby Brown - a beautiful image, but a question about the set-up if you don't mind... Why did you opt for a six stop NDF when you also had the option of lowering the ISO down to 50, instead of 250?
+Stuart Robinson - I had been shooting since 4am and had been playing with various settings to capture dusk. Ultimately I accidentally left it on 250 ISO and just adjusted the rest of the settings as if it was normal. Sometimes these things happen :)
That's so cool! I like how the water is bright blue. It looks like sherbert!
<3 the veiw, ignore the words
Wow subhanAllah that's really beautiful.
Its almost unreal looking.Like a fantasy world all its own.
can i build ahouse there?
This location is kind of interesting.
This should definitely be considered one of the seven wonders of the world
I love the colors on the mountains
I love those contrasting colours a truly magical picture :)
ari sp
My beautifull country... South Chile is awesome!
Looks awesome! makes me want to go to Chile!
Jeez, where's the "love" button when you need it? The colors are just incredible.
jac jac
Ótimo ........amei .
Very cool shot, Colby! Those mountains look like gold.
jay bee
This is so amazingly beautiful!!!!
When i see a photo of great mountains and rocks, i remember my country-side
It's absolutely beautiful, Colby!! Look like quite a spectacular place!
Thanks for the memories, I used to live in Punta Arenas
Hello Colby, you have great images, I will be taking a close look at your work, I am a photographer aswell, I am just beginning with Google +, just got your book, I am sure I am getting into a very nice adventure. Soon you will be able to see what I do. Thanks for shearing and all your tips.
Vary nice and represensative picture. \\ Dr. Rabie\\ UAE\\
ked to nieje fotomontáž tak by som rád vedel kde to je...
An image with two different levels, as if sliced in halves...Unbelievable, though!
I really like and enjoy your pictures, Colby Brown. That one is moving, light and colouring are great and you must have shown lots patience to get it. Save - to my view - for that annoying  line separating the scene in two halves. Sure you have other shots of that heavenly moment and hopefully we will see them some day!
beautiful scenery
+Christopher Cox - I am not sure just yet. I do know that I want to come back sometime soon. I was planning a Patagonia trip in 2013, but might have to push it back to 2014. TGL is coming back to Peru in May next year, but I won't be leading the trip :)
+Colby Brown Well, I look forward to seeing you sometime here in Chile.  Who will lead the TGL trip to Peru?
+Colby Brown, +Michael Bonocore's a fine selection. Although I have yet to meet  +Kate Siobhan Havercroft, she can count on Michael to acquire the code for w-fi access in restaurants and watering holes!  Michael, I doubt that I can join you again this next year, but we'll see.  Like Colby, Michael, you are always welcome in Chile!
i love it,so beautiful!
Wow!!! The nature is so GORGERES
WOW!!! The nature is so GORGEOUS~
Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful. Great job using various lens captivating the true essence 
Bu Ali
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