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Here are twenty apps every photographer using Android should have

Over the last five years, there is no doubt that Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices have dominated in the photo industry. Not only did they constantly receive the best applications first, but often times developers would only develop for IOS, leaving Android users out to dry. On top of this, there was a general mindset that if you wanted a smart device as a photographer, Apple was THE way to go. Times however are changing…

This is a list of 20 Android apps that I feel every photographer that uses an Android device should look into. Enjoy!
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what about exposure calculator ? I need to check your top 20.
Pretty solid list. It is nice to see some nice camera apps for Android.

I like GrooVeIP. Free wifi calling with your google voice number. Basically unlimited minutes :) App is a one time $4.99
I'll certainly look at the others when pay day comes round but I think you missed a couple of apps Colby that are free and I find really helpful:

1.Tides by Rui Gaspar - daily updates of whatever location you are in for tides. Works great alongside TPE for deciding if that sun setting shot over a stormy ocean is worth the trek ... and

2. My Photo Tools by sylvain-a has a number of handy tools but the one I use most is the exposure time calculator.

Did I say that they are free??
+Stuart Dyckhoff - I hear ya and those certainly are good and worth a mention, however I am more of a fan of paying for apps then free ones. a.) it support developers and b.) I don't have to see ads
Great list Colby, thank you. I think Chrome is ICS only, you may want to mention that.
Understood Colby but neither of those has ads - one asks for donations if you want / can. But like the iMarket I find it doesn't matter if you pay or not the support (when/if needed) is generally not very good.
Great list +Colby Brown ... whats the difference between Sun Surveyor and Photographer Ephemeris?
+Colby Brown really ?
"Exposure calculator" is useful to calculate an equivalent exposure using different parameters. The camera can measure the scene at : 8 sec, f/4, ISO 1600 but the app tells it will require 8 min at f/8 and ISO 100.
+Ben Smith - The Sun Surveyor has 3D visualization of the sun's and moon's path from any given position. The paid version also has an Augmented Reality projection of the sun and moon.

+Patrick Mayon - I am confused at what you are asking or telling me :)
I think +Patrick Mayon got a point. At least I find Exposure Calculator very handy when playing with long shutter speeds and ND filters.
k.. so Sun Surveyor would be the one to get of the two?... I like the augmented reality idea, would be really easy to work out what day you need to be at a location to get the sun in the right spot... always a bit harder on a top down map like on tpe.
+Ben Smith - Android has a 15 minute return window. I suggest trying at a time...and see what one you like or that works for you. 15 minutes is not a ton of time, but enough to give you an idea.
Excellent - Thanks for the list! This is one posting I'll share directly with my Evernote account!
Hi Colby, +Ben Smith, I am the author of Sun Surveyor; Android's 15 minute return window is indeed not a lot of time, and often it can pass before the market has even installed the app on a device. As a result I am always happy to provide returns to people if they are not satisfied. Dunno if this comment is appropriate or not, but just wanted to say that, and that most other "indie" Android developers that I've encountered tend to be equally flexible or accommodating. Colby, thanks for putting my app in your list!
This is a good list and I will try some of these out today. For 3 years I have been using the iPhone exclusively for my personal mobile photography project. I have just recently started to play around with the android platform and phones. I would really like to see Android emerge as one of the major players when it comes to mobile photography, but for the moment the best Apps for Mobile Photography, Editing and Sharing are still on IOS.
Over the next day or so I will get a list ready of IOS Apps that I would like to see on Android and maybe we can get some momentum going to sway some of these developers to start looking at the Android at a viable alternative for developing these apps. The market is certainly there. I might get +Michael N Sutton to give me a bit of a hand with this.
Hey +Adam Ratana ... fantastic, thanks! I had a quick play with the lite version last night and i'm liking what I see.. will dl the full version later to have a play. :-)...
+Alexander Kesselaar already started, and have bought many of these to the attention of the appropriate people at Google and Sony, will cc you in if not already done, nice to see +Colby Brown getting in on the action, thanks mate (keep the 1st April free)
Great set of apps, looking forward to trying some of them out. How is Photoshop Touch on the GN +Colby Brown? Screen size is better that most phones, but a rich app like PS Touch seems like it would be much better on a tablet.
Thanks for putting this together! I had a few of the apps, but I'll definitely be adding to my list--especially after I get ICS.

I'm in the market for a new phone (camera), thinking the Razr or Razr Maxx is the way to go. I don't want to derail this thread, but if anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.
+Andrew Benson On Verizon, the Rezound supposedly has the best camera hardware. This coming from a Galaxy Nexus user.

+Colby Brown, great list! Have you tried Magic Hour? I love the filters and the idea of users being able to create their own and share them. GetJar has it for free right now too I think.
Tim P
Camera zoom FX is great.
+Colby Brown or anyone that wants to answer, I already have TPE and Sundroid (not in your list) Do you think I should get Sun Surveyor also? would it offer me anything new or that I can't get with the other 2 apps?
Thanks for this, dof calc is great. Any one perceive a difference in quality with ics default cam and Vignette? Both great apps that have strengths but curious if one is winning for those with ICS
Thank you so much +Colby Brown ! I think it s hard to find good photo related apps on android market
"Golden Photo" is another good app that calculates the morning & evening golden hour times, based on sunset/sunrise times for different locations or your current location (via your GPS).

Thanks for your list, I picked up a couple new ones! :-)
Switched from picplz to light box. Same filters (including "instafix") AND it posts pics to Facebook (not a picplz link)
I wish I could install 20apps without fullfilling my crappy 150Mo of phone memory....but I can't.

Good stuff- excited and happy to hear about this list, +Colby Brown - THANKS!! I have an Android and an iPhone; I find that my droid takes better portraits and the creative shots I take with the 4s. Never really took my mobile photography seriously until I came to G+ where I have been inspired to take it a bit further. Also, glad to have discovered mobile photogs here like +Alexander Kesselaar and +Michael N Sutton , I admire their work and look forward to their apps reviews!
I'd add Pixlr-o-matic as my first choice to add a variety of filters and frames
NIce good stuff for the Android people. I am using Samsung Wave and it is Bada software. I am thinking to chnage the software to Android. How can i do that? Can any one share.........
Lily L
Star chart is a great idea! I don't do celestial photography, but I still find it really fun to play around with that. Go out on a summer evening, pack a picnic, watch the sunset, then lie back and identify the stars with that app, I think that would make for a really fun activity (or date!).
Am not a photographer i just like seeing good photographs. . . Ive been using for quite a while now some of the apps and i have to agree with you. HDR, Vignette, Camera zoom and Picplz. . . Picplz is especially awesome. . .
Ima read that article right now! High expectations!
Has anybody here done a firsthand comparison of Camera360 and Vignette? I use 360 Ultimate right now
+Carlos G , i bought/used Vignette. the developers are supportive and responsive; however, it has TOO many filters IMO. i like to pack light--literally and virtually.
Great list, i will add Photo Tools to the list.
+Colby Brown this list has really helped me out but I had a few questions. Is there anything for Nikon similar to the canon control app? Also do you know of any tablet apps that will help me do time lapse?
I also want to point out that Pano is great to have even if you don't have ICS. The ICS panoramic doesn't like things moving in the shot. This shot here would have had a whole bunch of blurry people in it if I had used the ICS panoramic app -
Hi +Colby Brown love your info on apps, thank you very much for sharing it. I love USB !DSLR Controller, best ever could happen to me :) less weight on my shoulders.Will dig through the others tomorrow, thanks again
+Joseph Blackett Haven't tried it myself but I've had many good reviews about Lapse it ( There's also a pro version of it.
There is an App which should work for Nikon and Canon called "Remote Your Cam USB Pro BETA". As far as I've head it's by far not as powerful as the canon software Colby mentioned but maybe it's still worth a try.
+Blake Billings - What apps do you find useful? I plan on doing a follow up next month with more options.
+Blake Billings if you know some great apps let us know. Apps take lots of weight ( backpack filled with equipment ) of my shoulders, which I highly appreciate, my shoulders too :) +Colby Brown 
Thank you for featuring my DOF calculator. I am working on the second version of it, what changes would you guys like to see in terms of features and user interface.
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