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The truth about life as a photographer

Finally someone was able to explain the reality of being a "photographer".

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SC Chen
funny but it is true
hey people do you mind to add me in your circle.. :) thanx
LOL, we were just talking about this the other day.
oh come on...people though you talk this in last decade..lets give them including me the right to discuss it :)
Laughed so hard..isn't that true!!
Tom my
sad but true
I like especially what your moms think :)
awesome and hilarious... and so true.
You mean you guys aren't poping bottles er day? Man... ya'll doing it wrong.
Eyes of God - A photographer..! But be like one always ( caution statement)
Being a photographer sounds like a great profession.
Professionally speaking as a photographer earns more money than shooting images. The busines of professional photography is self inflicted torture; demanding, all encompassing; know it all, and, be a very good business person to even hope to live well from pro photography.
I am pinning this post to my Pinterest board, makes me true.
+Ralp No H - Hmmm....there is plenty I would like to say to you right now about your amazingly poor choice of words, but I shall refrain. Enjoy ignorance.
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt
I saw one about journalists today. Somehow, they all end up stuck at a computer, tired and alone. :)
why would u want that because then no video games and then best of all no fun and tv think bigger Tod Millar
yeah yeah that it's so true xD
I Love what your Mom and accountant thinks of photographers. LOL
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