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Behind the Lens: Nepal

Crossing Kongma La Pass in the Himalayas

In April of this year I spent 27 days documenting the landscape and culture of Nepal. I spent the majority of my time in the Himalayas, well above 16,000 ft. This is a short video I took as I crossed one of the many high passes I went over throughout the trip. Working at high altitude is both extremely challenging and very rewarding!
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That's wild, Colby. I enjoy your work, but it is interesting how the connection between photographer and how they arrived at the location is sometimes lost. Do you ever hire Sherpa's when you are going to remote locals such as in the video?
I hope to try and take video and pics of rock climbing adventures. Just need a partner in crime to help with that.
I will be in Nepal in december for a wedding photoshoot assignment. Planning to stay there for a week after that. Any recommenddation?

Thanks in advance. ;)
+Scott Miller - For this trip I did hire a porter, although I carried all my photography gear and he carried my clothes, chargers and extra equipment. While I used to try to do it all myself, as I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate the extra help in carrying gear...just ask my wife ;)

+Songvut Kositarut - Depends on what you want to do, lots of possibilities. Most depend on your level of fitness and budget.
Wow! Colby!! This is Fraking AWESOME!! One of the places in my bucket list... 18+K feet and a thin layer of air from the looks of it.
thanks for sharing your travel vids and photos. I wouldn't see them otherwise as i am a scaredy cat of heights and long hiking. :)
At such altitude, with merely enough air and a long climb you still managed to take a few mins off to share your experience with us. Cheers :)
That looks like a bit of a mission. Must be awesome!
Love this! Makes me miss my mountaineering and photography days in Alaska. We have quite a bit in common. You should read my profile. :) Glad to see you here! look forward to sharing and learning lots! Namaste'
Love it +Thomas Dawson! It looked like that a few years ago. This trip in April everything was iced over.
Yeh that was us just November 2010! we got very lucky. I just changed the link to a different album if you want to have a look at some others. Great work here mate.
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