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Behind the Lens: The Things You Find In Markets

While walking through Cuzco today with my workshop clients we came to an infamous meat section at a local market. If you can guess what this is, I will buy you one ;)

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monkey or goat brain?
Sweatbreads, pituitary gland, or brain...
brains but not sure human or animal or what? no thanks will pass on your offer though...
can we all just settle on the fact its brains!
If I can guess what this is, I don't need one ;-)
I may need to think on this for a while.
Eight out of ten survivors who expressed a preference said their zombies preferred it. Brains. Everything you need to feed your zombie.
So that's where they went! I have been feeling a bit off lately...
glad to see the zombie comments came so fast:) yikes.
Gross! I'd ask who the brains of that operation was, but, well...
I know these are brains, but what are they from?
its normal here in Argentina... im talking about cow brains of course..
Maybe photographers brains? How many photographers does it take to get a pound of brains?
Bovine brain and IT have an impact such Viagra tablets
Calves brains and I'll pass if I'm correct...
did some1 took HUMAN BRAINS,,, hehehehe
If a human is eating it somewhere, I can eat it. I love the local markets everywhere I go. My wife went to Tokyo and asked what she could bring me. I said photos of the Tokyo fish market. She got up at 3AM for that treat.
Sweatbreads. I've had to clean them working in a restaurant. They're pretty disgusting to look at but they taste good Ok, I'm wrong. Do a search for pigs brains.
From the looks of it, I'll come home hungry and a few lbs lighter, if I ever travel to Cuzco, +Colby Brown.
son sesos o de cerebros vacunos ASI COMO Que dices en tu mensaje tendras Que comerlos Ahora
Buen Provecho
Are those brains? I know they are delicious in tortilla with onion and coriander but never see it raw.
I just felt a little bit of vomit in my mouth... #eeeew
it is nasty pl dont buy me one thank u
the tasty best food on a goats body you will go crazy for more once you eat it
Well this makes the eating llama thing seem like beef tenderloin +Colby Brown. I believe it could be monkey? When I was in Cusco on the train to Macchu-Picchu, the menu was either llama steak or monkey something. Of course, this could be intestines. I've heard that sweetbreads are considered extremely healthy to eat, and in some countries, a delicacy. Whatever it is, you captured my attention, like all your photographs :)
My zombie side is getting hungry.
Motor Vehicle Operator Brain?
Actually is is not that uncommon to eat cow brains in South America. Here in Argentina we have milanesas de seso, which is brain, sliced, covered in breadcrumbs and fried. Delicious!
Cow brains? Not intestines, right? Not that either would be preferable or easy to swallow.... ;)
HUMAN BRAINs dog brains monkey brain wolf brain
es probable que sean intestinos de vaca!... con eso se prepara un plato llamado cau-cau.
this is the things that bcome sausages...><
Very edible that is, I have had it before colby
That's one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen! Thanks for that :)
Sheep brains? If so they are good on a salad. 
First thing I've thought: Plants vs. Zombies: Hmmmm, Braaaaains
there are to big for sheep brains . unless of course they were smart
In Cuzco!!! WTF, I'm peruvian (from Lima) I've never seen something similar in Lima... That's freak!!!!
Sha Qi
Is that pig's small intestine?
+Colby Brown don't buy me, even if I am right.
My second guess would be Cow brain
Brain for sure... I can see the cerebellum. (surpress gag reflex) If I got it right, I would like to donate my free brain to the next guy in line. :)
what a terrible zombie voice, that is monkey brains.
pig brain would not be so huge, that should be cow's?
what the...f.... who want this kind of food

I don't want to know what it is
People would be surprised to know that brain meat is delicious.
Thats just plain nasty...
if you are in Indonesia, you'll found out almost everyone craving for this one :D
If you are still in Iceland, it must be the sheep brain. Are you mailing one ;)
+J. Scotty i wish!!! would love to get my hands on these!!! over here cause of mad cow disease they wont let you bye brains in butchers anymore :(
gosh! hope these are not the human's ones!
I think if I have all of them I'll mart
roma g
If these were cow brains you would risk BSE. So let's assume that they try to avoid an international ban on cow meat in Cuzco. Then this must be a sausage molded in the form of a brain.
And I was just about to eat breakfast...
Years ago I ate goat brains several times in a Lebanese restaurant in Ibadan, Nigeria. Surprising my American girl-friend (now my wife) tried them too). Not bad, but wouldn't go out of my way to eat them again.
It is almost human brain,Right?
i dont think i want to guess right :(
may be it can ent bran....................?
shep brains?? i guessed that was human brains :O!
thuy do
Nhìn thấy ghê quá đi
Brain no doubt. Some say its a "food" that can make people smarter. But i'd like rather to stay dumb...please tell what exactly it is +Colby Brown So curious.
Rob C
I'll buy, you eat, on condition you choose three other organs.
猪脑,很美味的。pig's brain,Yummy !
Pig brains?.. isn't it too big for pig brain?.. !!!NOOO it's HUMAN brain... :D :D:D :D :D
I think these are really awful!
If you can't guess what this is, you did not deserve to graduate from high school.
I think in other cultures there are things that are truly disgusting. But for me as a European this is not very unusual. You know "thousand yeas old eggs"? This is disgausting - only the smell provoke … only thinking about provokes … sorry... uargh
Please don't tell me these are monkey brains.
Strange, but my first thought was... I bet if all of those could hook up together in a mass like that, the result would probably find a way to stop humans from such practices. 
hannibal lecters dinner with fava beans
Oh but where is the guinea pig?
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