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String Lake Reflections
Grand Teton National Park, WY - 2009

It is hard not to love being a photographer when working in a location like Grand Teton National Park in north west Wyoming here in the US. This range of mountains is famous for its dramatic rise out of Jackson Valley, offering killer view points around every corner. One of my favorite spots is shooting on String Lake, just north of the more popular and much larger Jenny Lake. Not only are there less visitors here, but because the body of water is much smaller, you have a better chance of finding great reflections....which is an element of photography that I am certainly a sucker for.

The image was created using LREnfuse (Adobe Lightroom Plugin) to blend 7 images together and then +Nik Software's Color Efex Pro 4 and +onOne Software's Photo Tools 2.6 (from their last Suite).

Image Info:
Camera: Canon 1D Mark III
Lens: Canon 24-70 2.8L
ISO: 400
Exposure: f / 8.0 at 1/80th, 1/125, 1/200, 1/320, 1/500, 1/800, 1/1250

High resolution version coming once the new website goes live...
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I've canoed on this lake many many times. This is a beautiful shot of it.
Amazing! Incredible ... A-W-E some call it Beautiful.
beautiful landscape, the reflection in the lake make's it double perfect, great work you've done there!
No kidding. It's great to shoot when your office is amazing :)
in some places you can take one million pictures and you want more
Beautiful Colby! I love the inverse lines of the landscape/reflection. Really great capture. My family and I vacationed in Yellowstone several years ago and went to Jenny Lake, but never got to around to this one. The park is just too huge to see it all in one visit. :) Bummer thing is I only had a crummy point and shoot (and knew nothing about photography) at the time, so I look forward to going back someday with my dslr and a better understanding of what I'm doing!!
I feel and can almost see all three dimensions +Colby Brown.
Thanks for sharing!
wonderful work and processing here thanks for sharing your workflow........<
donde estaba la cámara?excelente fotografía.
Wow!!! Great picture! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Que hermosa foto, da ganas de estar ahi
amazing!! great picture!!
Hey Colby I make rain\dust covers for cameras.I can send you a photo and price.
I was just getting ready to post my 365 project image, which happens to be a landscape (that looks nothing at all like this one). I think I might wait to post mine now...:P Beautiful shot, Colby!
Ke Zeng
Love the mirror image and the details!
Hi Colby, is a beautiful photograph. My husband also makes very nice photographs of landscapes and is studying to perfect his technique.
Gorgeous shot! I also love how you include in your posts information about the surrounding area as well as the techniques you used to get the final result. It really helps me to learn more about this amazing field of photography!
Cool image, just had your G+ book drop through my door so have some reading to do now, and thanks for the help the other day...
My pleasure +Matt Hart . Enjoy the book! If you get a chance to write a review on Amazon or Barnes and Nobel once you are done, it would be greatly appreciated ;)
Gorgeous picture! Great job capturing the moment.
bch 12
Wonderful shot, how do you like LREnfuse? I've been using it for a while and think it was well worth the investment.
Picture looks great! Beautiful reflections!
Great reflections the view is amazing and those mountains howl to be climbed. The touch of mist is adding to the atmosphere +Colby Brown
Beauty of Nature within!!!!!!!!

Good subject, good photography, beautiful image.
Beautiful view. I plan to visit next year.
+Brett Halverson - I use LRenfuse more then any other photo editing program I use...specifically when blending an image in a way other then manually blending layers.
Awesome shot. looks like a picture postcard or tourism / promotional shot. Great work!
Outstanding shot. I love Grand Teton NP, such beauty
Amazing Photography. Well done! I hope to see more for windows 7 backgrounds
bch 12
Thanks +Colby Brown, I find myself using it more and more in my very limited workflow :)
it makes my imagiantion go wild
It's absolutely beautiful! The reflections seem to have reflections! It's so real that I can almost reach out and touch it!! May I ask, What benefit does the blending do? I see that you used 7 different f-stops. What effect are you looking for when you do that? Many thanks!!
Colby, do you have any more beautiful photos?
Thanks for the heads up on that LR/Enfuse plugin!
My family and I will be there this summer, I'm going to look this lake up!
damn..... just so beautiful!!!!
blissful heaven here in earth. Imagine hw heaven will look like ASAP
Beautiful, +Colby Brown ! and thanks for sharing the story and how you shot it.
I love mountains so much...I have officially changed their names to "Monatains" :-) Beautifully captured.
A fine example of the frequently done 'evergreens reflecting on alpine pond' motif.
Wow, what an incredible photo. I think I just found my new desktop background!
You are really talented this picture is amazing!!
Dam that's a real nice shot, thanks for the share
Wow, you must have used a walmart Kodak on this one! Those cameras are so great! You know the ones where you snap your snap shots and then take it to walmart to get developed? Yeah. Those are great.
Love it... any tips for an amature like myself with regard to landscape photography?
+Amanda Soler - Be patient, focus on composition and as I say to my workshop students, "take care of the edges of the frame and the center takes care of itself". By that I mean pay attention to the frame of your images...too many people let small objects clip the sides of their frames.
Mike D
amazing. I head out to that area every year.
yapz itz ah!!!beautiful nature!!!!i like thatz!!!!
pretty my moms into that kind of stuff :)
Tony Va
we are so lucky to have this planet , thanks for the pic dude
this is really pretty i wish i could b there right now instead of doing work :(
Wow. The stillness of the water's surface reminds me of Sir Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's line from Hiawatha, "level blade of water". Awesome! Never been to your continent. I live in the UK.
I LOVE the photo!!! The lake must be really refreshing too. You can get some really good photos at Ocala National Forest at Florida, really pretty. The have like the BEST springs and trails.
Wow! I wish I could take shots like that!
Beautiful! What kind of gear do you use?
I was married about a mile from there in the chapel near the Snake River.
It's magnificent!!! it draws my jaw open.....
beautiful landscape out there!
You are a pretty good photographer. I love your photos
Wow, what a beautiful picture!
That is the most awsome looking thing ever.
Nice clarity! Everything turned out very crisp. Great photo!
WoW,what a magical photo,You are an Artist in Your own right
Just a little bit of the beauty that is Earth, I wish I could just go out and experience that beauty.
Awesome Reflection!
its nice how the fog comes across in contrast with the mountains. really makes it flow :D
Cool pic Awesome REFLECTION best I ever saw !!!!
We love String lake it is much warmer than Jenny so the kids can play in it.
This is really beautiful!
Well done! That's an excellent shot! It's just... perfect! :D Awesome!
I spent my college days out in that area. Thanks brother for taking me back! Truly a great photo.
สวยค่ะ ใสๆๆมากค่ะ น้ำ
That's awesome, my wife and I will be going there in a few weeks, I'll have to check it out!
That's one of 1,000 reasons why I choose to live in Wyoming.
This is so pretty. Would love to visit this state
what a picture! I may make it my computer screen background.
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, IM STILL USING MY SIMPLE CANON POWERSHOT A630 LOL...waiting for the day to have my dslr... keep up the excellent work.
That's perfect for tranquility and relaxation. 
i wish i can visit this place and see the place as beautiful as this picture! thank you.
Beautiful wish i was there! :)
Amazing how much that looks like Lake Blanche with Sundial Peak in the background along the Wasatch Front near Salt Lake City.
There are really cool pictures. Why isn't any in HD?
beautiful picture...perfect shot and just the right timing
Its a reflection of a beautiful mountain. Its so intense, what does it mean
its a nice view and the water is completely undisturbed
Thats beautiful.....awsome picture dude....
This really a wonderful spot to shoot,thse colors r amazing
Dung ha
So Wonderful this pic!
of all the parks, the Tetons Nat'l park is my favorite! get some of Mt. Moran!!
looks super super super niceeeeeee(: beautiful<3
Absolutely stunning photo +Colby Brown! Love your amazing capture on the reflections; like getting a double dose of pure beauty.
luv this these r my fav!!! im at total balance when i get to sit and stare thru lens of my camera at all their beauty & strength....
Go on youtube and Check out Laughing Skull Productions for cool beats
Go on youtube and Check out Laughing Skull Productions for cool beats neon beats
Beautiful. Too bad you didn't capture the lady of the lake bringing out excalibur. Maybe next time.
beautiful in the world
it is make by god.
You know there is a God when you see peace and beauty in the world like this...
wonderful place ....
beautiful place i like this place very much
amazing!! natural beauty at it's stunning best!!
Wyoming is really beautiful. When I was moving from Ohio to California, we drove the whole way with plenty of time for enjoying nature's beauty. Jacksonhole was really gorgeous too. 
what a view! you're so lucky =)
hai is beauitiful,but when a person failed in it due to any reasons, there is nothing to him.only memories which will make a lote of pain to i am in this situation.i am aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
just tk it as a turn in ur life..its hard to relived frm it..but its truth of life whr oly ul b thr to stand fr urself...enjoy ur life whch is waiting fr u...jst cm out of it...
beautiful landscape. I feel like I'm there
arrr. I really hate the ghosting effect of these new Google+ picture previews. Every image has a ghost in the background and it is so pointless!
+Scott McQuade - I talked to the G+ photos team and they are aware. It was an experiment from the team that handles the stream. Be patient :) more improvements coming
so wonderful!!!! i wish i cold go there!!!
I just wishes i'll be there...laydown on the boat and look into the sky....ummm...keep quiet and listen music from the nature.
nice view...nothing like here in the small Islands...
Beautiful!! The reflections are fantastic!
Perfeito, parabéns pela fotos... essa combinação da natureza com sentimentos é uma forte inspiração para refletir...!
Really amazing image, Colby. This is probably top of my list of places I've visited so far.... but I didn't get many still waters while I was there. Can't wait to go back.
Hi Colby.Love your work! I feel that I am right there in this pic.Just beautiful! Is this Colorado as well?
wooow...where is that place
Amazing vastness and reflection in the photo love it
amazing :) do u mind me using for my project x 
This is Breath Taking, Also Very Relaxing, I can picture myself sitting and writing poetry. Stunning Colby, Thank You For Sharing Your Photo's
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