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COL Reminder
A reminder app for your Android Phone
A reminder app for your Android Phone


3.5.7 BETA 2

* Fixing the scrolling problem if you have over 50 reminders in one list
* Code cleanup

3.5.7 BETA 1

The first beta of the upcoming version.

This release is focusing on two main parts:
* Migrating to the new framework Android X
* Rewrite of the backup/restore of Google Drive (Google has changed the way we can access Google Drive)
* Fixing the Android 9 bug with restore

Please report any problems. The migrating to Android X framework has changed a lot of code.

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Great site to shame @android OEMs who kill background processes to squeeze battery life without user's knowledge, this has crippled @COLReminder functionally in many occasions.
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Sadly I have to remove another feature because of the recent change of privacy from #Google. 😟
I can't show the call log inside the phone reminder anymore. 😭

Details here

And on #AndroidPie #Android9 the quick call reminder does also not work anymore because it needs the "READ_CALL_LOG". 😟
And this permission needs to be removed.
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New BETA version is out.
Version 3.5.6 has not much visible changes.

A lot of changes are in the background.
And this is the first release with the new "Android App Bundle" to reduce again the size for download and update.

So if you experience any problems after update let me know.

● Fullscreen Calendar: New bottom options bar
● Fullscreen Calendar: Long tap shows the current reminders
● Fullscreen Calendar: Performance Optimizations
● Widget has now a refresh icon
● Show Popup Behaviour changed
● Layout change on Notification Popup Dialog
● Fixed a few reported bugs
● Update all external libraries to latest version
● A lot of under the hood improvements and changes
● Fixed a few reported bugs

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3.5.5 BETA 3

BETA 3 fixes some reported problems.

Also it changes the way you select a date in the new full screen calendar.
As of the feedback I have moved the options to the top.
For now, I will add a better solution in a future version.

The FAB is only for the selection.
Should now be clear which button is for the date selection.

Also I fixed a new major problem with Android 9 and restore of a backup.
This does not work anymore on devices with Android 9.
BETA 3 fixes this.

If no major problems are coming up this is the last BETA for official release.

Thanks again for testing so far.

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3.5.5 BETA 2

BETA 2 focus is the reminder dialog and snooze dialog.

Reminder Dialog
* A new shiny layout
* If more than one active reminder is available you can now flip trough the open reminders

Snooze Dialog
* Header shows the reminder text
* Number Picker shows now for each type Days, Hours or Minutes
* The tomorrow buttons displays now the original alarm time
* Instead of the snooze button you see now the new snooze time

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The first BETA of the upcoming version 3.5.5 is out!

If you want to join the beta click this link:
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3.5.5 BETA 1

The old v2 fullscreen calendar is now removed, but be aware I have added again a lot better fullscreen calendar picker.

Let me introduce the new one:
* Full Screen
* Shows small dots on the days where you have already reminders
* You can view them (tap the blue button and reminders)
* Quick jump to any date (tap the blue button and select "Go to date")


A new designed FAB for selecting the category.
Now with labels and colored circles. Better for first time users to clarify the actions.


Last but not least you can now select your own char for the label features.
Go to "Settings" / "Labels" / "Label char" and select instead of the '#' any char you want.


Besides the new features I have fixed a lot of reported bugs like:
* PreAlarms doesn't work anymore
* Widget crashes sometimes and shows "loading"
* Widget settings screen is not scrollable
* On bundled notifications the first notification sounds twice
* Some labels are not translated
* Little layout problems
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