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The free Amazon promo of Productivity Success Secrets has been great so far everyone. It's done 693 units and counting. If the weekend is good, the 1,000 mark is in the near future! Make sure to grab your copy. The promo ends this weekend!
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Kyle WA
How are the sales going for you Cody?  Hope all is going well man!
Promo went well. 1100+ copies. Moving along at a few sales a day afterwards. I'm being introduced to the world of review trolls, haha :) Thanks for the kind words Kyle. You were definitely one of the people who inspired me to do the things I'm doing today.
Kyle WA
Yeah, some people honestly have nothing better to do.  In saying this, all feedback regardless of the nature of it can be good feedback and you can learn something from it.  If you can make the worst customers happy, you have an unbeleivable product on your hands.

Congrats on your launch!
Good advice man. Thanks. You're absolutely right. I genuinely appreciate the support.
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