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Cody Wheeler
Life Enrichment Blogger, Entrepreneur, MBA, Website Consultant, Copywriter, Golfer, Health Advocate, Author, Loving Life!
Life Enrichment Blogger, Entrepreneur, MBA, Website Consultant, Copywriter, Golfer, Health Advocate, Author, Loving Life!

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Did you know you can make money for supporting Active Living? Earn 15% of every sale generated with our affiliate program. #affiliates #crossfit

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It can be tough to find individual resistance bands. Most come in a set and can be expensive to buy all at once. We'll let you mix and match your bands to get exactly the ones you need, providing anywhere from 5 to 150 pounds of resistance or assistance. #lifting #powerlifting #mobility

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Pool season is just around the corner.

When you walk on that pool deck for the first time this year, you want to show off the best version of yourself, and try not to get injured in the process.

That extra fat you're carrying around from hibernating for the last few months isn't going to help you do that, unless you're just really set on winning the splash contest.

Here are three keys to getting your body ready for pool season.

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For years, I ran a productivity website teaching people about habit change, getting more by doing less, and a lot more. I learned a lot from those days, especially about making habits stick.

Making any type of change in your life, by definition, is going to be a stray from your normal routine. This very fact means it's going to be harder on you to stick to that change than it was for your to stick with your normal routine.

Until a habit is established for at least a few weeks, it's going to take some conscious effort to pull off. Whether it's a nutritional change, an activity change, a change in schedule, or anything else, it doesn't matter.

Until you reach the point where it's easier to perform your new habit than it is to revert to old ones, you're naturally going to struggle and fight against yourself.

That's where these three changes come in. Because they're SIMPLE, and easy to stick to.

The best chage for your nutrition plan isn't always the one that's 100% perfect. It's the one that you will stick to the most easily.

Here are three incredibly simple ways to lose five pounds, or more, without completely changing your routine.

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On one hand student loans are terrible. They cause young people to start their independent lives with tens of thousands in debt.

On another hand, they’re kind of awesome. They allow young people to attend college with some skin in the game.

Do you know what happens when you don’t pay for something? It loses its value, big time.

They also differentiate those who are willing to make a smart decision and commit to something that will make them better. Otherwise college just becomes more high school.

I hear a lot of talk these days about how we should have student loan forgiveness and free college because tuition costs are too high. I certainly get not wanting to start your adult life off with a mountain of debt.

But here’s the thing about student loans...

Lottery tickets, social security, real estate "investing". Here are seven super silly ways people try to save for the future.

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There are 3 progressive steps to torching fat. In this Ultimate Guide, we detail them for you - #fatloss #weightloss

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Several new products in stock, including protein shakers, lifting gear, and many new styles of cable speed ropes. More to come soon in an upcoming newsletter. Make sure you're on the list to get all of the insider info and available discounts.

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Now in stock, Snap-off lockjaw Olympic Lifting collars. Grab yours for $19. More lifting gear otw! Active Living
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