YouTube Gaming Easter Eggs

I've documented a few of these across both Tiny Teardowns and in Android Police articles, but it seems like time to put them all in one place so they're easier to find for us completionists out there. I'll keep this list updated as new easter eggs are added/discovered.

For those that may not know, the YouTube Gaming app includes an Easter Egg counter under Settings -> General. Each Easter Egg is a reference to a classic or influential game. There is usually a new Easter Egg added with each minor version bump, though one or two didn't work with until a bug fix update came out later.

v1.0: Asteroids
Open Settings -> About -> tap the app version a few times until the title bar changes.

v1.1: Battletoads
Open the Battletoads (1991) page and tap the PRE-ORDER button.

v1.2: Contra
Open the Contra (1987) page, tap the gamepad icon, enter the code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A).

v1.3: Doom
Open the Doom (1993) page and press the back button to leave it.

v1.4: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Open the Skyrim (2011) page, tap the gamepad, enter the code LAAS, YAH, NIR.

v1.5: Final Fantasy
Open the Final Fantasy II (1988) page and tap the chocobo egg icon.

v1.6: Gauntlet
Open the Gauntlet Legends (1998) or Gauntlet (2014) page and tap on the knife & fork icon.

v1.7: Half-Life
Open a page for any Half-Life game and tap on the logo.

v1.8: Icewind Dale
Open any Icewind Dale game and tap on the die icon.

v1.9: Journey
Just open the page for Journey. No need to do anything else, it registers by just showing up.

v1.91: King's Quest
Search for any King's Quest game, tap on the two people icon.

v1.92: Loom
Search for Loom (1990) and tap on the gamepad symbol. There's no need to tap on any notes.

v1.93: Metal Gear Solid
Search for Metal Gear Solid (any version), tap the gamepad. There's no need to mess with the numbers, but if you set the right number (i.e. 140.85, 140.96, 141.80, 141.52, 140.15, 141.12, or 140.48) and hit the call button, it will put up the message "SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!"

v1.94: Neko Atsume
Search for Neko Atsume (2014) and tap on the dinner plate icon. The icon switches to cat food, a donut, fish, or chicken. Some Android users may recognize this as the Neko Cat easter egg introduced with Android 7.0.

v1.95: The Oregon Trail
Search for Oregon Trail (1971) or any of the sequels and tap on the cow symbol. If you're not logged in, a tombstone appears with the words "You have died of dysentery." If you are logged in, "you" is replaced by your name..

v1.96: Portal
Search for Portal (2007) or Portal 2 and tap on the birthday cake symbol. (Note: this is the 10th anniversary of Portal.) This will open the video titled Portal - 'Still Alive' as performed by GLaDOS during the game's end credits.

v1.97: QWOP
Search for QWOP (2008) and tap to see the detail page, then just hit the back button and you'll see a toast message that reads: "Everyone is a winner." That's it.
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