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Hey people,

I am constructing a business plan, and even with my finance and investment banking background, the model is holding up the rest of the business activities... Can anyone suggest a course of action for this financial model? I want to avoid all the bs finance wizardry and just power forward with the biz.

Hey guys... a great guy that I met when I worked in silicon valley may be interested in Veteran outreach that this community offers... +Sean D Washington ! This is one high - powered devil dog!

Hola! Me llamo Cody Bess, y soy de Jacksonville, Florida en los Estados Unidos. Ahora, vivo en Miami, Fl. Hablo un poquito del idioma de espanol, pero quiero aprender para negocios y la vida social. Hablo ingles muy bien, y  me gusta ayudar otras personas a aprender ingles.

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When people pursue their passions, good things happen

54% of millenials want to start their own business. Want to help? Come find them on

I have noticed an omnipresent trend... that unless your startup/business idea is based around web & mobile apps (that is your product) as opposed to web  & mobile as a complement to your physical product, your business gets shunned by the startup culture and financiers. Thoughts?

As this community grows, I'll add sections for entrepreneurs looking for new hires or partners, and industry specific sections if the demand is there

Welcome +Sushant Taneja !

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Jason Nazar, cofounder of DocStoc, has a lot of good stuff to say, whether you are in an online business or not. There are also some good tips we can apply in our daily relationships. Worth every minute.

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Yet another great (free) online learning resource.

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This is amazing. Proud to be a Panther for once.
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