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This is an amazing thing that is happening here!  Think about how this will change purchasing behavior.  Think about when Google starts displaying pricing for all businesses.

I travel A LOT.  I love the new maps feature that allows me to modify my route to find a gas station or a coffee shop.  I have been making decisions for 90 days day based off the prices of gas at each station.

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+Joy Hawkins  I was able to replicate "moved elsewhere" on my first try with a dental office in Austin TX

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Hey Fellow Guides,
I am looking to host an epic meet-up and would love some feedback about your experiences with meet-ups, good and bad.  

The Pros:
* 5 star restaurant in Austin willing to host, provide cheese, wine, appetizers etc

The Cons:
* I am a little gun shy because I haven't attended a meet-up.
* Not sure what makes a meet-up good, bad or ugly.

I would love any feedback from those of you that have hosted or participated in a meetup.  What was cool?  What wasn't cool.  Tips, pitfalls, etc..  

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+Phil Rozek shared his initial thoughts on +Moz Local new dashboard #SearchInsights.

I also like his review feature suggestion

"One add-on I’d like to see in here is the ability to export your reviews: the text, the ratings, the reviewers’ names, where the reviews were written, when they were written – the whole burrito.

An export would be a handy feature partly so your reviews don’t go poof if they’re filtered or otherwise lost, and partly so it’s easy to mark them up with Schema and put them on your site."

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+Mike Ramsey shares some interesting insights on the new local 3 packs.  My favorite line, "If you don’t have a local organic strategy you are missing the water, let alone the boat."DropsTheMic

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+Mike Ramsey at +Nifty Marketing shared at sweet click through study on the new local pacs. My favorite line by Mike "If you don’t have a local organic strategy you are missing the water, let alone the boat." He then #DropsTheMic and walks off stage.

Dusty also mentioned it at the Local Search Forum:

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Google Local Guides made an announcement today about a new point system for adding photos, businesses, and reviews.

The coolest thing about it - upgrade from 15 GB of Drive data storage to 1 TB of data storage. +Nick Rink offers a great summary below.

I also created a more detailed post on the new Local Guides point system on the Local Search Forum
Earn points as a Local Guide for adding places and reviews

Google continues to add features to its Local Guides program along with adding an element of gamification to it. Today's update means that you can now earn points for every review you leave, for every business you add to Google Maps, for uploading photos and for making edits. Whether this will encourage more consumers to leave reviews for local businesses, who knows?

Does this make you want to leave more reviews?

#localmarketing #localsearch #localguides #t


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SEO leads? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Just a little comedy for your viewing pleasure.
I'll just leave this here...

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Date: 4 November 2015 at 18:25
Subject: SEO

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+Mark Traphagen​ you offered an exellent summary of the recent moz whiteboard Friday discussing a study on which types of content generate the most links, shares etc. You mentioned 3 take aways. I can't find your G+ post regarding your takeways. Any chance you could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance you're a busy man.

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I had a request for proposal from a dentist in San Antonio last week. I found his site had been hacked during our initial audit (site: with 1600 pages added to his site. I am seeing this almost weekly now.

Then I noticed something that I have not seen before; Google was displaying a message that the site was hacked in the search results as shown below "this site may be hacked".

I hadn't seen this before. Can anyone tell me when Google launched this feature?
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