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php, programming, coding, jquery, mysql, tutorials, programming tutorial, html tutorial, web development
php, programming, coding, jquery, mysql, tutorials, programming tutorial, html tutorial, web development


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Build your first Ionic 3 Mobile App, Detailed Beginner's Guide
Ionic is the Leading Cross-Platform development framework. Ionic let you build Mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows with just a single codebase. The first issue that beginner's have when they want to build an Ionic App is that they don't have pre...

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Why Ionic Framework is Leading Cross-Platform Development Stack
Ionic Framework is a mobile app stack that let web developers build apps for all major app stores and the web with a single code base . At the same time, your app looks and feels at awesome on every device, Isn't that great? In fact , All you need to know i...

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Apple-1 PC hand-built by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976 sold for $355,000
Who could imagine such a machine still exists and it's still working, A working 1976 Apple-1 Personal Computer was sold for $355,000 last week in an auction hosted by Christie's New York . This is the first Apple's Personal Computer, This particular version...

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Meet Bixby Samsung New Voice Assistant
Bixby digital assistant was absent from the initial release of Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung promised would be coming at a later date. On the 1 st of May, 2017, Bixby was released for S8 and S8 Plus owners in South Korea.
Before now, S8 owners have the ability...

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Facebook Using over 150 People and Artificial Intelligence For Counter-Terrorism
Recent Announcement by Facebook that most accounts removed for terrorism-related activity are uncovered by the company itself, and that it’s using artificial intelligence to find more threats.
People have questioned the role of tech companies in fighting te...

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Smart Keyboard that Reads Fingerprints by Microsoft
New smart Keyboard that reads Fingerprint unveiled by the tech giant Microsoft is the latest keyboard in town, With maximum security guaranteed, Microsoft has turned you to your own password. The Modern Keyboard is the successor to the Surface Keyboard, an...

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Killer Tips to Improve Website PageSpeed Performance and Optimization
PageSpeed is the amount of time it took web server to respond to the requests of the browser and how long it takes for it to serve all page Resource(Images, Audio, Videos, Flash Animations, e.t.c.), Content (HTML, CSS and Texts) and Meta Information (HTTP i...

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Getting started with Google Material Design ( Materialize ) an HTML5 Responsive Framework
G o o g l e Materialize is a CSS framework but the special thing about this powerful library is that it gives your page the look and feel of material properties(colors, typography, shapes, patterns and layout). If you have ever come across any Material Desi...

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Programming Languages and Frameworks used to build Top Nigeria Websites.
Nigeria websites are programmed using different languages and frameworks from Education , E-commerce , News , Music & Entertainment , Sports Betting & Updates and Banking are the top most popular websites in Nigeria . Some scale well but I believe scalabili...

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Programming Languages and Frameworks Nigeria Programmers Should Learn in 2017
The web and Software Development industry is growing fast at an unpredictable rate, Nigerian Programmers need to relentlessly be marching forward each day. Lots of popular Programming Languages, Frameworks and Tools were released in 2016 which gives us more...
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