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Welcome back Consorters!

For this month we have the loquacious Tim Shafer for an exciting and informative neophyte talk that is a fun introduction to programming using the new generation of Rasberry Pi.

Rasbian, a Linux distro for the Pi, includes Scratch, Python, Perl, Ruby, Lua, Java, and of course gcc. Everything a budding programmer needs to get started. Also included: Mathematica, Sonic Pi, and Minecraft: Pi Edition.

As usual there will be free Food provided by Tek Systems, Book and eBook raffles, and even a $200 license to Intellij Idea raffle provided by Jetbrains. Everything a Neophyte needs to get started.

Hope to see you all there!

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Come one come all!  Our theme for this round of lightning talks is tools and techniques.  We might be able to fish out some future talks with this one.  Of course you are welcome to talk about absolutely anything that will fit within the time limit of the talk (5 minutes or so) as per our usual rules.  So if you found a great new shaving cream for Yaks you would like to talk about please do.

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This will be a rather brief introduction to R followed by a session at the R command line.  We will cover a small set of maneuvers for carrying out some tasks in R which should give the flavor of how the language works and how to work through some simple issues.  We will be as interactive as possible with a set of data.

This is our first talk on R and I strongly recommend any data scientists, analysts or folks who are interested in these things please come and start the conversation.

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Hey all!  So feel free to come up with any short presentation you would like to share.  Otherwise I'm planning to use this meeting for us to come up with ideas for future presentations.

See you all there!

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Can it be?  Coder Consortium is now on  Yes the rumors are true.

Please come sign up.

Also, let me know if you can offer a suggestion for a sponsor for the site.

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Come one and all to the First in the 2015 Neophyte talks.  Our Neophyte talks are meant for new Coder Consortium members while still appealing to crusty old-timer professionals like me.  

10 languages in 10 minutes will have a panel of Super-Star-Programmer-Ninja-Pirates each giving a talk on a different programming language.  Here are the proposed languages:


There will be free Food provided by Tek Systems, Book and eBook raffles, and even a $200 license to Intellij Idea raffle provided by Jetbrains.  Everything a Neophyte needs to get started.

Hope to see you all there!

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Hi All!

Ed has been cutting his teeth (that expression sounds so painfull) on Clojure web frameworks and will be giving us an overview of his findings.  This is the second talk in our Series on the Clojure alternative JVM programming language.

As usual, we will be meeting at our Sponsors Hacker Lab and Tek Systems will be providing the food. 

Come for the talk, stay for the swag!

Hope to see you all there.



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Join us for a tour of the NodeJS platform given by Mark Eschbach.  Now is your chance to learn all about how to use Node in the real world. 

Food and Drinks will be sponsored by TekSystems.  There will also be raffles for both eBooks and Physical books by O'Reilly, Appress and Manning, as well as a FULL LICENSE to Jetbrains Intellij Idea Ultimate Edition.

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Member and friend of SacGRU Carson Gross has agreed to give a presentation on a new project he has been working on.  Also, we will be voting on the new SacGRU name, alternative JVM news and Jobs report by our sponsors at TekSystem.  Hope to see you all there!

Simple, Declarative AJAX with intercooler.js

intercooler.js is a library for adding AJAX to your web applications using simple HTML attributes.
It is one of a new breed of Partial-View-Controller libraries: it communicates with the server via AJAX, but rather than expecting JSON responses it expects fragments of HTML (i.e. "Partial Views") which are then loaded into the DOM. This is in contrast with client side Model View Controller frameworks such as Ember.js or Angular.js which communicate with the server using JSON requests and JSON responses.
Why intercooler.js?
First and foremost, simplicity: adding intercooler.js to your application is as simple as adding a few HTML attributes. Since it uses concepts familiar to all web developers you can become productive quickly, without adopting new rendering tools, creating complex models, managing new routing tools, etc. 

Additionally, intercooler.js is incremental: you can start using it in a high-value part of existing application with a minimum of effort and without "rewriting the world".
The Demo
To demonstrate IntercoolerJS, we will convert a standard Rails CRUD UI for a Contact model into an AJAX-powered UI:

We will start by converting the edit and create actions over using Intercooler annotations and a few Intercooler HTTP directives.

With that done, we will implement infinite scrolling on the index/list page.

Finally, if time allows, we will implement inline server-side validation of the email field in the contact editing form.
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