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Build your applications on top of a stable foundation.
Build your applications on top of a stable foundation.


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We released Universal Relay Boilerplate 14.0.1:
- Added project name to enable seamless react-native upgrades. Also, changes were made in order to make possible the use of react-native-git-upgrade. Rebar has been upgraded using that tool, and going forward both Rebar and URB will be upgraded using the tool.
- Flow has been upgraded to v 0.36.
- BCrypt has been updated to version 1.0.0 which fixes outstanding issues with Heroku deployment.
- Cassandra modules - driver and ORM - are updated to the latest version.
- React is updated to 15.4.1.
- React Native is updated to 0.39.0.
- In all units, and in scripts, the pieces of package.json that are used by the script build-units are renamed to package.part.json to avoid confusion with new versions of tooling.
- Ability to change the anonymous UUID per provider has been added.
- Code in several core files has been modified to use async/await instead of promises.
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The Universal Relay Boilerplate, now at version 7.6.2 has improved Cassandra performance and React Native routing updates:
We are very happy to see that the universal project, integrating both React and React Native under the same roof, has passed 100 start on github.
It is also worth mentioning one of the projects that is live based on URB/Rebar. It is the beautifully designed Reality Advisors Elite, a Real Estate agency website allowing search, rent and purchase of apartments and houses in the Chicago area. It went live earlier this year.
We also added Account Verification unit to Rebar, which allows verification of entered E-Mail addresses and phone numbers:
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The Universal Relay Boilerplate, now at version 7.4.0 has been updated with the following changes:

* The babel configuration has been cleaned up and presets for stage 0 have been enabled, including async/await.
* A new npm script dev-reset has been added for quick reset of the development environment.
* 'ESLint' packages have been moved to the development dependencies, reducing the deployment footprint.
* React has been upgraded to version 15.1.0.
* Material-UI has been upgraded to version 0.15.1.
* React Native has been upgraded to version 0.28.0.
* Authentication issue in React Native has been resolved.
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We upgraded the Universal Relay Boilerplate to version 7.2.1 and included the following improvements:

* NPM scripts have been reorganized by category: setup, update, build, dev.
* A new version number is added. It consists of the major-minor-revision version number from package.json, with appended incrementing build number as last fourth digit. The version is stored at /configuration/package.js.
* Winston now writes to Cassandra. The IP address of the server is added to the startup information written into the log.
* Descriptive error is issues if code requests Object Type with an incorrect name from the Object Manager.
* The React Native project is updated with better routing and look and feel of the login screen.
* The build allows not to use Babel Node in production and to enable deployment on Digital Ocean as well as Heroku.
* Other minor changes and bug fixes.

For more details please review our blog post
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Better account management, more #reactnative and awesome tumble beasts! #reactjs #relayjs
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We introduced SMS using Twilio and E-Mail using SendGrid to Rebar, and simplified the unit naming convention for both Universal Relay Boilerplate and Rebar.
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We have updated the Isomorphic Material Relay Starter Kit to revision 0.11 bringing the introduction of a new unit structure for the examples and utilizing Facebook Data Loader.
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Learn about our experience in using Cassandra with Relay
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We have released v0.9 of the React Relay Cassandra Isomorphic Starter Kit. This release contains the following changes:

* User interface
Made the navigation bar always visible.

* Authentication
Made user names case insensitive.
Support ‘deleting’ users without error on the server.
Decode JWT token and validate it is a real user in the database.
Use bcrypt for password encryption.
Implemented log out.
Implemented Create New User screen.
Implemented User Profile screen.
Implemented Password Change screen.

* Miscellaneous
Removed dependence on sequel.
Upgraded to react router 2.
Several bug fixes in examples.
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Wondering how to make an isomorphic React Relay application SEO friendly? Check out this article.
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